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NOTE: Paramount Pictures is a real company, I'm just making dream logos. Link to real Paramount logos on:

10th Logo (June 6, 2013-)

Nicknames: "Hyper-Majestic Mountain", "New Majestic Mountain", "Celebrating The Century Of Entertainment", "New Paramount Mountain", "Paramount 200"

Logo: On a purple-blue sky with a lake below, we see many LED lighted stars zooming down. Suddenly, one goes down to the water of the lake and there is a flash. When the flash is gone, there is a more realistic, beautiful-looking, hyper-majestic version of the Paramount mountain. The stars fall into their places and the gigantic "Paramount" text zooms out before going to it's normal place where the stars are. "100" in golden fades in, along with "CELEBRATING THE CENTURY OF ENTERTAINMENT" and the Viacom byline in it's current 2006 font. The "Paramount" text shines before the logo fades out at the end. Starting in 2014, "100" and "CELEBRATING THE CENTURY OF ENTERTAINMENT" were removed.

FX/SFX: All brilliant CGI done with amazing details.

Music/Sounds: A more powerful version of the 1987 Paramount Pictures fanfare, played on electric guitars, bass drums, pianos, xylophones, strings and trumpets.

Availability: Brand new, check out movies the company has made.

Scare Factor: None. A calming logo.