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NOTE: Paramount Pictures is a real company, I'm just making dream logos. Link to real Paramount logos on:

11th Logo (June 6, 2023-)

Paramount (Alphablocks- The Movie Variant)
Paramount - Cartman + Nightmare
Paramount Blue

Logo: On a blue sky with a lake below, we see many LED lighted stars zooming down. Suddenly, one goes down to the water of the lake and there is a flash. When the flash is gone, there is a colorful version of the Paramountain, situated on the same cloudy landscape as the previous logo while 22 stars encircle the mountain and the "Paramount" script zooms out and takes its position. The "Paramount" script then shines before the logo fades out at the end.

Technique: A blend of CGI and traditional animation. Done by DevaStudios and Skyship Entertainment.

Music/Sounds: The same 2011 fanfare by Michael Giacchino. Also, as all 22 stars encircle the mountain, whooshes are heard.

Availability: Current; check out movies the company has made.