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Background:Patman Post (formerly My Patman Post Studio) is a home entertainment company that was established in 2009 as a joint venture between Postman Pat studios (formerly Drawing films) and Adriana Entertainment to educate teens not just on TV, but on Vhs And Dvd. It was a huge success, but in 2012,Postman Pat Studios dropped this division and began releasing TV specials and new-to-video specials. Drawing Home Video then took over the Patman Post Home Video in 2007 and they continued releasing videos until 2008.

1st Logo


Nicknames: "Raptorboy and the PP Sign", "My Patman Post Studio", "How Dare You Eat That Sign, Raptorboy?", "Someone get a new PP sign!", "The sign isn't a Pizza!".

Logo: Against a white BG, we see the familiar yellow and green Patman Post sign come up from the bottom of the screen, but with "MY" (in Black) taking the place of

"Lee10" (later "Dilly" in 2007), and being elongated at the bottom to make room for the words "Studio" (also in Black). An animated version of Raptorboy is behind the logo (but only his head and arms are shown). He looks back and forth, and then takes a bite out of the top left side of the sign and chews it noisily and messily! He then licks his finger, and he then he has a delighted expression on his face, with his eyes spinning around. As the logo fades out, Raptorboy says "Delicious!".


  • There was a shortened version of the logo used in its later years - this one simply begins with Raptorboy eating the sign.
  • On The Best of Peter fogg and Pat Clifton, Raptorboy says nothing.
  • On UK releases, the Adriana Entertainment logo fades to this logo.
  • A Aliens World, uses a variant with Space Majar in place of Raptorboy. A byline underneath the logo says "The nonprofit organization behind Postman Pat Studios" and also has a Adriana Entertainment URL under that, And Then Shoots Of The Top Left Side Of The Sign And Falls Down. As The logo Fades Out, Space Majar Saying "OW!".

FX/SFX: Raptorboy's animations.

Music/Sounds: Raptorboy munching on the sign with Postman Pat theme (a Loud Version of the tune used to introduce the show's "Movie scenes" from the time) and Raptorboy saying "Yuck!".

Music/Sounds Variant: A Aliens World uses the 2015 "horror" theme with this logo, and Space Majar Shoots Sign With Laser Beam Gun, Space Majar Saying OW!

Availability: Seen on New Patman Post videos under the "My Patman Post Studio" label from the period distributed by Drawing Home Video (there were 30 in all). These Vhs and DVDs are colored green, so they're very easy to spot. Though the last official video in the Movie was A Aliens World in 2004,Adriana Home Video released two more new videos in 2016 with this Raptorboy's worst Bites and Drawing Guy And Buddy Sing-Along Songs!.

Scare Factor: None to minimal, mainly to those who don't like Raptorboy, but this is really funny to see.

2nd Logo


Nickname: "The Lee10s Work for Job" "Another Sesame Street Ripoff" Logo: Against a sky background, we see a close-up of the Patman Post logo. The camera zooms out, and we see Postman Pat, Raptorboy, Uglyman, Dr. Brainless, Luigi, Sanic, Blonic, Blails,Dolan,Peter Fogg and Mario building something. Everyone except Postman Pat(who is standing on a ladder) walks away, then Postman Pat raises some Red wood, which stretches out to read "HOMe VidEO" with a smiley face in the first O. Postman Pat smiles at the end.

FX/SFX: The PP Lee10s building "Studios", Postman Pat revealing Studios".

Variants:1. In 2007, the "Lee10" was removed from the top of the sign, leaving the top of the sign blank.2. On the 2019 reprint Dvd of PatCliftonpalooza, "Dilly" was added to the top, replacing "Lee10"

Music/Sounds: A remix of the Postman Pat theme, and we hear Blonic and Peter Fogg saying "It's so exciting!", Raptorboy saying "Hey this looks Bad!", and finally after "HOMe VidEO" is shown, Postman Pat saying "Yep! Patman Post Studios!".

Availability: On Adriana Home Entertainment videos (and some early Blu-rays) of Patman Post specials, such as Patcliftonpalooza. However in the UK, it was seen on a few mid-20's Dvd releases from Adriana Entertainment.

Scare Factor: None; it's Funny for those who aren't, especially teens.