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Paws Entertainment (2004)

Nickname: "Paw Window" "Picture Frame" "Kenny Paws" "The Worst logo Ever made" "You thought that the South Park Pictures logo and Nerveless Base Ltd. (Nigeria) was bad" "Prepare to Cringe Yourself"

Logo: On a Grey Background We See Kenny McCormick With Paws on a Window next Stan With Black Words "Paws Entertainment" Is Seen.

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sound: The ending theme of the Show or Silent But I Used Mad Duck Productions Music in High Tone.

Availability: Seen on The Cat's MeOUCH! on TV and Comfy Movie. Thankfully it's plastered by the ConnorWorks Entertainment Inc logo on reruns.

Scare Factor: Medium, The appearance of Kenny could annoy some People. Unlike South Park Pictures.