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Background: Penny Artistic Pictures was founded by Harold Dariald & Daiman Dariald in 1914 as one of the oldest American movie studios in continuous operation, they didn't have a logo until 1915. In 1935, they made the unsuccessful LincolnColor, In 1953, They Also Made LincolnScope Which Gained Some Traction but Ended Up Failing Again.

Penny Artistic Films[]


(1915-July 4, 1917)

Nicknames: Boring Circle I, 1910s Gig I, Early Coin I

Logo: We see a black background with a hollow circle with the words "PENNY ARTISTIC" on it. "FILMS" is Shown on the Bottom and "Trade Mark" Below.

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Extinct. Only a few silent films from the company survived.

Editor's Note: Defiantly one of the rarest logos ever, due to being seen in silent films from the company.

Print Logos[]

Penny Artistic Pictures(1st era)[]

1st Logo[]

(July 4, 1917-May 15, 1927)

Nicknames: Boring Circle II, 1910s Gig II, Early Coin II

Logo: On a Black Background, The Former Logo, Now With the Word "Pictures" Replacing "Films" Appears With the Letter "A" Above and The Word "Picture" Below in a Cursive like Font

Closing Titles: Same as The Opening Logo, But the Words "THE END" is Covering the Logo.

FX/SFX: The Opening / Closing of a Film or Not.

Music/Sounds: None or a film's opening theme.

Availability: Extremely rare. This logo was thought to have been extinct for years. How Ever, Recent DVD Release of Old Films Showed This Logo, and Appeared in the Credits of One of Their Films During the 75th Anniversary.

Editor's Note: Like its Predecessor, It is Extremely Rare to Find.


(May 15, 1927-December 5, 1935)

Nicknames: Abraham is being Artistic, Statue of Abraham Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln I, Penny Abraham Lincoln I, Childish Lincoln

Logo: We see Abraham Lincoln against a sky Background. There are clouds that look like smoke over the Statue, accompanied by this text in a Donegal font overlapping the Statue, reading "A Penny Aristic Picture" Fading in with words Saying "A Release" Then the Movie Name inside two (").


  • Though the same general design of the logo has remained the same, there have been subtle changes to it over the years, such as having a brighter sky on some films or a slightly different design.
  • A Color Version Exists, It is Either Using LincolnColor or Technicolor, And Also Has a Different Font.

FX/SFX: Just the gliding clouds.

Music/Sounds: The beginning/end of a movie's theme. Starting with the 1929 feature Livehood Court, almost all of the Penny Artistic feature films used the fanfare Nicknamed The Livehood Court Jingle.

Availability: Uncommon to rare. Seen on the first sound films from the company.

Editor's Note: The dark atmosphere could scare a few, and also The Weird Choice of Music could also Confuse / Cringe Some.


(December 5, 1935-September 28, 1955)

Nicknames: Abraham Lincoln II, Penny Abraham Lincoln II, The Model

Logo: TBA