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1st Logo (1951-1956)[]

Nicknames: "The Pepsi Family", "The Smiling Pepsi Cans"

Logo: We see a man go into the kitchen and open the refrigerator and finds 3 Pepsi cans. They all smile at him as the text Pepsi Pictures fades in below the Pepsi cans in Copperplate font and below dissolves in A Unit of The Pepsi-Cola Company in Silom font.


  • The closing theme of the TV show plays over the logo's music.
  • On some episodes of Dragnet, the logo is on a black background.

FX: The Pepsi cans smiling.

Music/Sounds: A jazzy piano tune.

Availability: Ultra-rare, seen only on the first five seasons of Dragnet.

2nd logo (1956-1961)[]

Nicknames: "The Dancing Pepsi Can", "Pepsi Wallpaper", "Rockstar Pepsi"

Logo: We see a dancing Pepsi can as Pepsi Pictures slides to the right in Papyrus font. Then, A Unit of the Pepsi-Cola Company slides to the left in Zapfino font.


  • On the last season of "Twenty One" game type of music plays over the logo's music.
  • On the first season of "77 Sunset Strip" the closing theme plays over the logo's music.
  • On "Armchair Theatre" the logos shows after it is an in-credit text.
  • Sometimes the logo is an in-credit text.

FX: The Pepsi can dancing.

Music/Sounds: A 5-note rock tune repeating itself.

Availability: Common, seen on TV shows during the era such as, "Twenty One", the first three seasons of "77 Sunset Strip", and the first five seasons of "Armchair Theatre".

3rd Logo (1961-1967)[]

Nicknames: "Pepsi Waves"

Logo: We see an ocean full of Pepsi make waves as they reveal Pepsi Pictures and a black byline in Impact font.


1961-1965: A Unit of The Pepsi-Cola Company

1965-1967: A Unit of PepsiCo, Inc.

Variant: There was a 10th Anniversary variant in 1961.

FX: The Pepsi waves and the revealing of Pepsi Pictures and a byline.

Music/Sounds: Silent.

Availability: Again, seen on TV shows of the era.

4th Logo (1967-1972)[]

Nicknames: "Pepsi vs. Sunny Delight"

Logo: We see Pepsi and Sunny Delight arguing then they start to battle each other. Pepsi slams Sunny Delight into the camera. Sunny Delight sends Pepsi flying away screaming but then, flies back and smashes Sunny Delight. Pepsi Pictures and A Unit of PepsiCo, Inc. write themselves in with a Chalkboard font. Then we see Pepsi getting a kung-fu trophy.

Variant: There was a still version of the logo.

FX: Pepsi and Sunny Delight fighting, the slamming into the camera, Sunny Delight sending Pepsi flying away screaming, Pepsi smashing Sunny Delight, and Pepsi getting the kung-fu trophy.

Music/Sounds: A dramatic synth tune.

Availability: Rare, is seen on "Good Morning, World", and the first five seasons of "The Carol Burnett Show"

5th Logo (1972-1981)[]

Nicknames: "Pepsi Can of Doom"

Logo: We see Pepsi Pictures and A Unit of PepsiCo, Inc.zooms in with a Headline font at fast speed. Then a giant Pepsi can starts to zoom in. As it gets closer it goes faster and the screen goes black while it still zooms in!


There were the film-o-vision and videotaped versions of the logo.

There was a warp speed version of this logo.

FX: The words and the Pepsi can zooming in.

Music/Sounds: A dramatic fanfare

Availability: Uncommon, seen on some shows of the era.

6th Logo (1981-1997)[]

Nicknames: "A Welcome Change", "Pepsi Can of Boredom"

Logo: Just a still image of the previous logo, but the can is different.


From 1991-1997, the 1991 Pepsi can is used.

The closing theme of the show sometimes plays over the logo sometimes.

There was a 30th Anniversary variant.

In 1987 Sometimes the logo is seen beside the 1987 Coca-Cola Telecommunications logo.

FX: None.

Music/Sounds: Silent.

Availability: Scarce.

7th logo (1997-2005)[]

Nicknames: "Pepsi in Space"

Logo: We see a Pepsi can in a spaceship flying to the moon. It is going to hunt aliens. The space ship lands on the moon. The Pepsi can destroys the aliens. It writes Pepsi Pictures and A Unit of PepsiCo, Inc. in Krungthep font. Then, the Pepsi can flies back to Earth.


There was a still version of the logo.

There was a 50th Anniversary variant.

FX: The Pepsi can flying in the spaceship, the aliens being destroyed, and the company name being written out.

Music/Sounds: The spaceship, the sounds of the bullets being fired, and the pencil writing out the company name.

Availability: Ultra-Common, seen on every TV show of the era. This logo also plasters some logos, too.

8th Logo (2005-2011)[]

Nicknames: "Pepsi in the City"

Logo: We see a Pepsi can hanging out in New York City. Pepsi Pictures and A Unit of PepsiCo fade in with a Marker Felt font.

FX: The Pepsi Can hanging out, and the text fading in.

Music/Sounds: City-like music.

Availability: Same as above.

9th Logo (2011-2014)[]

Logo: A pepsi logo spins around and stops and someone offscreen says "Mmm-Mmm-Mmmmmmm... Pepsiiiiiiiiii....)" Then, the words "Pepsi Pictures: and the PepsiCo byline fade in below.


10th Logo (2014-2020)[]


11th Logo (2020-present)[]