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Piddar Home Video is a home video distribution.

1st Logo (1987-1990)[]

NOTE: This video can be seen here:

Nicknames: "Cheesy Piddar", "Piddar Of Doom", "Hieroglyph Films' Cheesy Cousin".

Logo: The screen fades in with static and the wavy effect to a space background where the word "PIDDAR" in white is far zoomed out, facing on the top (with some red tint to the screen). The red tint and the wavy effect fades away when the static disappears. The word "PIDDAR" turns to its normal rotation and zooms towards the camera. After it leaves, the word "PIDDAR" goes downwards and zoom in to the camera and stops. The word turns red when it zooms in. The word "HOME VIDEO" in white goes downwards, zooming in and stops, followed by the yellow flash of the word "HOME VIDEO". At the almost end, the camera zooms in.


Cheesy Factor: Why? Why does this logo has to be so cheesy? OH! Nevermind. Like Hieroglyph Films, this logo goes off the charts... First, the CGI is downright dated for 1987. Second, as for the audio, the drone noise kept restarting when other sounds play! We won't mention that the zooming in is cheap and doesn't have motion blur. Unlike great CGI logos, this looks MORE like it was made on Panzoid. Especially, this is the cheesiest home video logos of all time. YOU GUYS! You better fix these things up or use any great CGI animation softwares.

Music/Sounds:A synthesized drone plays throughout the logo while the beeps that sounded like a Canada EAS alarm plays 2 times. The descending bass-like sound plays also. When the word "PIDDAR" goes downwards, a long beep that also sounded like a USA EAS alarm is heard, then followed by a ascending beep. A ascending bass-like sound plays, too. When "HOME VIDEO" appears, there another descending bass-like sound that sounded different. A ascending piano-like sound is heard when the camera zooms in.

Availability: Seen on many DVD releases.

Scare Factor: Medium to nightmare. The sounds and the animation can get to some. It also hard to describe the sounds and the animation. However, some people might be laughing at the cheesy animation and the sounds.

2nd Logo (1990-present)[]