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Pidnar Home Video was an Spanish home video distributor that was founded in 1983, known for many of its Spanish-animated and/or Pixar-Disney DVDs. On 1986, Pidnar's video library was sold by SAVD (Spanish And Video DVDs) and re-released many of Pidnar's Pixar-Disney DVDs. In 1999, Pidnar Home Video went defunct.

Logo (1983-1999)[]

Nicknames: "Cheesy Planet", "Pidnar Of Doom", "Saturn Productions And Camp Video's Creepy Cousin", "Destruction Of The Planet".

Logo: On the black background with million of stars, we see a red circle with a grey outline and a blue ring (resembles Saturn). After 4 seconds, there is badly-drawn yellow sparks zooming in slightly fast and stops at 0.3 seconds. The word




fades in. The word "presenta" appears also.


  • The still variant has the sparks being still there. And the words is in a blocky font.
  • The alternate variant has the ring spinning fast and the planet is CGI, and the sparks realistically flashes and zooms in.


  • Original Version: Cheap 2D animation.
  • Still variant: None.
  • Alternate Variant: CGI animation and Live-action.

Cheesy Factor: The animation is dated for 1983. And the sparks appearing are just VERY sudden and can catch some off-guard. ENOUGH. SAID.

Music/Sounds: We hear dark chimes with a quiet sound of a jet taking off that is cut-off by a explosion sound when the sparks appear. We then hear the dark chimes again. The still variant has a distorted static sound with a slow bell chime at the start, followed by the same dark chimes and is slightly louder.

Scare Factor:

Depends on the variant:

  • Original Version: Medium to nightmare, due to the sounds and the cheesy dated animation. The explosion sound can catch some off-guard but it's nothing compared to the next variant...
  • Still Variant: High to Nightmare. The even creepier sounds and the lack of animation can scare some. The word being in a blocky font also doesn't help.
  • Alternate Variant: Medium. The sparks realistically flashing and zooming in will get a lot of people but it's tamer than the previous variant.