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Background: Pineapple Entertainment is an animation company founded in 1987 by J492943 and K4929492. One of the most successful projects was Michae Rosen: Plum Genius and its animated spin-off series on Dr. Robotnik. The production company closed down in 2006, after the release of The Dark Bully. Many of its employees went to work for Reel EGG Creative Studios, while others went to Z Entertainment and founded its animation division, Zmation.

1st Logo (1996-2001)

Nickname: "Where's Bushroot?"

Logo: We see the Chuckie diaper clip with the words "Pineapple Entertainment, Inc." appears below.

FX/SFX: The video's animation.

Cheesy Factor: It's just a clip from the 2nd Rugrats intro where Chuckie starts forming the diapers. That's very unprofessional!

Music/Sounds: The Rugrats theme.

Availability: Found on the Michael Rosen pilot episode from 1998, "Runaway Eating Plum", on the Bad Fusion DVD. Was also seen on pre-2001 airings of Jimmy the Other Dog and the rare Kangaroos tapes.

Scare Factor: Low to medium. The Rugrats theme and the blatant use might catch you off guard, and the clip isn't exactly friendly looking, especially if you're expecting the 2nd logo and wind up with this, but otherwise harmless.

2nd Logo (2000-2006)

Nicknames: "Hi, I'm Bushroot!", "The Darkwing Duck Logo", "Bushroot, the Half-Duck-Half-Plant Creature"

Logo: On a tropical background complete with a beach, and a sunset, we see the black, lowercase text "pineapple entertainment" with "pineapple" bigger and "productions" underneath, near the top of the screen, and two pineapple coconut trees twisting behind a bush, that look like the actual pineapple. A half-duck/half-plant creature jumps up from behind the trees with his back turned to us. Then he turns around to wave at us and says, "Hi, I'm Bushroot!"

Variants: There are six variants, they can be viewed on

Double Your Pleasure: Two Bushroots appear and say "Hi, we're Bushroot!"

Bi-Lingual Bushroot: Bushroot is wearing a hat and a mustache, when he turns around, he speaks Spanish. His mustache falls off.

Backwards Masking Bushroot: The logo is in reverse. It's like he's speaking gibberish.

Bushroot Blooper #1: Bushroot forgets his lines, and says "So what do you want me to say now?"

Bushroot Blooper #2: Bushroot forgets his lines again, and says "Hi, I'm.....lines?"

Coffee Break Bushroot : Bushroot is missing and he's not in the logo. Wacko (an alien criminal who sought to destroy the universe using seismospheres) says softly, "Where's Bushroot?" (one of the nicknames for the first logo). Seen on the "Men at Work" episode.

Trivia: The logo's mascot is named after Bushroot593992, one of Pineapple's first three employees, and was created by Bushroot593992 in 1991 for the Disney animated series Darkwing Duck.

FX/SFX: The spinning trees, and Bushroot jumping up and waving to us. Gorgeous CGI animation mixed with 2D animation for Bushroot!

Music/Sounds: A very happy, tropical xylophone sounder. Was the sound of a tool in the MS Paint-esque program, KidWar and is from the Sound Stars Series 6000 sound effects library. It is also the sound when something is finished on a few disc burning programs such as Image Burn or DVD Deddoo. Bushroot's voice is provided by voice actor Tino Insana.

Availability: First seen on Michael Rosen: Plum Genius. Seen on episodes of The Adventures of Michael Rosen on Dr. Robotnik and/or Robotniktoons. Also, it's available on all Michael Catty Power Hour Power Hour animated specials. It can also be seen on post-2001 airings of the Jimmy the Other Dog Christmas special (earlier airings used the 1st logo) and television reruns of The Dark Bully.

Scare Factor: Minimal. The fact Bushroot became what he is known to today as the result of him attempt to give people the ability to feed themselves through photosynthesis (a possible spoof on the Batman villain Poison Ivy) could freak some, but fantastic CGI along with Bushroot being from the famous Darkwing Duck animated series makes this a memorable logo!