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(February 19, 2018)


Nicknames: “PinkyBeret”, “The Home Game Rip-Off”, “Home Game’s Younger Sister”, “Guys, We’ve Found a New Showtime Theft”

Logo: Same as the Home Game logo, but PinkyBeret replaces Pac-Man. The text from the first part (where the It’s Showtime logo is) reads:



Next comes the purple background (where it changed) and text in a different font (“A PinkyBeret” is written in a pink font and “Production” is written in a blue, Roman font) all in a black shadow. Plus there’s no hue cycle effect. Then, it multiplies into:

Distrubited by

PinkyBeret TV

in a white, Roman font with a black shadow.

FX/SFX: Same as the Home Game logo.

Music/Sounds: Audio from the Home Game logo.

Availability: Seen on PinkyBeretTV original programming.

Editor’s Note: People think that they stole the Home Game logo, now it’s double blatant and cheesy thanks to HG stealing the It’s Showtime logo. Also, “Distributed” is spelt wrong as “Distrubited”.