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Logo: On a light blue background.Then a lamp hops by. He stops once he notices the "I". He shakes his body and bounces on the "I" until his jumps squish it. He looks around as the text "ANIMATION STUDIOS" fades in. He then faces the camera. The light slowly dims until it's completely dark. Luxo still on though, but he turns off, making the screen completely dark.

FX/SFX: ☀Very nice CGI! But after 23 years, it is outdated

Music/Sounds:  In order: the metallic sound of the lamp hopping, a "jingle" when the lamp shakes its body, squeaky rubber-like sounds when it jumps on the I, and some other sounds as it looks around. And the last sound we hear is a light turning off (this can be heard at the end of feature films or some shorts).

Availability: TBA

Scare Factor: None.