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Walt Disney Television Animation

1st Logo (2001-2003)

Nickname: the disney castle

Combo: Wherearebanada

Logo: a short version of is logo, pictures is replaced television

2nd Logo (2003-2009

Combo: cartoonguy5

Logo: we see castle from 1st logo.

Recer/Nickname: TBA

Pixar Animation Studios Television

3rd Logo (2009-2014)

Nickname: The short PIXAR 1995 Logo plays.

Co Produced With: TAP

Combo: gman99100

Variants: At the end of Sentrathe Walt Disney Pictures 8th logo is seen but on the Pixar logo the lamp hops by shaking its body and squishes the letter I and then Sentra walks by and pushes the lamp out of the way and unsquishes the letter I and pushes the lamp hops off. The screen turns red in water and lamps falls in the water then the screen turns black with just Sentra.

Pixar television

the short PIXAR 2014 logo playes