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Walt Disney Television Animation[]

1st Logo (2001-2003)

Nickname: the disney castle

Combo: Wherearebanada

Logo: a short version of is logo, pictures is replaced television

2nd Logo (2003-2009

Combo: cartoonguy5

Logo: we see castle from 1st logo.

Recer/Nickname: TBA

Pixar Animation Studios Television[]

3rd Logo (2009-2014)

Nickname: The short PIXAR 1995 Logo plays.

Co Produced With: TAP

Combo: gman99100

Variants: At the end of Sentrathe Walt Disney Pictures 8th logo is seen but on the Pixar logo the lamp hops by shaking its body and squishes the letter I and then Sentra walks by and pushes the lamp out of the way and unsquishes the letter I and pushes the lamp hops off. The screen turns red in water and lamps falls in the water then the screen turns black with just Sentra.

Pixar television[]

the short PIXAR 2014 logo playes