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Logo (1986-)[]

Warning Warning: Do not watch this if you are prone to epilepsy. Also, do not call the phone number, as it is NOT in service.

Nicknames: "A Good Way To Beat Photo Video", "The Very Longest Logo In Philippines", "Photo Video's Longer Cousin", "Longer Than Antique Video And The Others!", "Did They Messed That Up?!", "The Reason Why I Never Watched Any VHS Tapes", "The More You Sleep, The More You Watch!", "Cheesiness Mixed With Long Length", "Philippines' Answer To Hieroglyph Films".

Logo: On the black background, we see colorful, desaturated particles forming a flower-like thing (changing colors also). After 21 seconds, we cut to the same particles making a donut-like object (some particles are shooting, too). After 31 seconds, we then cut to the footage of particles from the beginning but is flipped and in reverse. While the footage, the white rectangle with the word "PIXARA VIDEO" in white on a red border above and "Tel : (201) 345-5679" in white on a green border below slowly zooms in. While it zooms in, when the reversed footage is finished, the particles comes back while the logo stops zooming in. After 41 seconds, the footage fades to a seizure-inducing, color changing, square-like, animation, causing the logo to swirl and reverses to normal in a slightly close-up, changing colors. A few seconds later, the logo swirls again, and reverses to normal but in a almost extreme close-up. A few seconds later (again), the logo closes and reveals a small one of a the said logo, still changing colors. Suddenly, after 9 seconds, the logo zooms in to the screen. We cut to a logo on the top with a black square behind. The logo zooms in, but not the screen, 4 times until it goes to the middle, still/slowly zooming in.

FX/SFX: Everything, clocking over 2 minute and 59 seconds!

Cheesy Factor: ABSOLUTELY BREAKS THE WHOLE SCALE. While there is nothing to put effort, this logo always be VERY cheesy. First, the particles looks like they used Spin Painter to look like it is particles! Second, the particles and the seizure-inducing animation are a bit choppy. Third, the animation is cheap and dated for 1986. Fourth, the logo zooming in is slow! Fifth, the footages tried so HARD on your eyes and can give people epilepsy! Sixth, the swirl transitions, if you look closely, you can see the small one of the said logo! Seventh, at 02:06, you can see the faint footage of the seizure-inducing animation! This has to be one of the WORST VHS logos of all times.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Seen on VHS releases/tapes in Philippines.

Scare Factor: Low. The subject matter can cause seizures but you might laugh how cheesy and WORSE it is!