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1st Logo (1989-1993)[]

Nicknames: "Telephone Pizaar", "Jugendfilm's Cousin", "The Wood in the Box", "Why Does The Ringing Sound Seems So "PBS" To Me?".

Logo: On the space background, we see a box of a wood zooming in. It then stops, followed by "PIZAAR FILMS" in white (and is in a slightly upper rotation) zooming in and reverts to its normal rotation. Near the end, the screen blurs in and turns white, fading to black.


  • A still version exists.
    • Starting in Early-1990s, the word has a gold color and the space background is in a dark blue color.
    • The logo might fade to a film, or ends abruptly.
  • On 32 Bad Pizacs, the logo has a reverse animation (and is in 150% speed) after the normal animation, fading out.

FX/SFX: CGI animation...

Cheesy Factor: ...which is dated for 1989, and the animation is cheap!

Music/Sounds: A almost PBS 1971-like synth "ringing" sound, followed by a 8-bit whoosh. When the screen blurs, a descending 8-bit whoosh is heard. None or the opening theme of the film on the still version and the 32 Bad Pizacs version.

Availability: Seen on films since 1989/1990/1991/1992.

Scare Factor:

Depending on the variant:

  • Original Version: Medium to high. The ringing sound and the whooshes would likely scare some. However, it's lower for those who are used to it.
  • Still Version: Minimal. The silence can startle some.
  • 32 Bad Pizacs Version: Low to medium. The animation and the silence can be unnerving some. But the animation reversing makes it tamer.

2nd Logo (1993-1999)[]