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Background: Planet Entertainment Group is a Division Of ConnorWorks Entertainment Inc. Founded in 1960 as "Planet Communications Ltd". Their Mascot for the company is "Ringo", debuted in 1959, before SEGA adapted her starting with "Puyo Puyo 7" in 2009. It never had a Logo until 1962.

1st Logo


Nicknames: "Meet Ringo" "It's Ringo!" "The Abstract Saturn" "1960's Ringo" "First Appearence of Ringo"

Logo: A Flash of light occurs as we see a red saturn on a black background, it zooms out, and the words PLANET come from the bottom in a trail effect one by one, and COMMUNICATIONS LTD then fade in with a shadow effect, and then Ringo twirls to the L.

Trivia: Ringo also appeared in the Puyo Puyo games from 2009-present. This is her first appearence since 1959.


  • A Black and White Version Exists

FX/SFX: 60s Scanimate Animation along with the CEL animation of Ringo.

Music/Sounds: A rather stereotypical 60's "space" tune with a male announcer(MacDonald Carey) saying "This Has been a Presentation of Planet Communications Ltd"

Music/Sounds Variant:

  • Sometimes, The Voiceover is not heard at all
  • When Color Programs began, it had a different voiceover saying “The following Presentation is brought you in living color from Planet Communications Ltd"

Availability: Extremely rare. This logo is plastered with new logos on new prints, but VHS tapes still have it intact.

2nd Logo (1971-1982 2011)

Nicknames: "Ringo II" "Stop-Motion Ringo" "Torch Ringo" "The Columbia Ripoff from the 70s" "Fire Princess Ringo"

Logo: TBA

Trivia: The logo is animated and designed by Rankin-Bass Productions. The Ringo Model was made by Art Clokey. The 2011 version however was done by Aardman Animations in the UK to promote its 50th anniversary.


  • in 2011, the logo is resurrected for its 50th anniversary, this time, the logo is now updated with the current logo, everything in this logo is now updated with a HD look, Ringo is now remodeled with higher detail to look more friendly

FX/SFX: 70s stop motion animation.

Music/Sounds: A synth fanfare consisting of a synth bass and three sets of eight synth notes with a synth flourish in between.

Music/Sounds Variant:

  • Occasionally enough, the music from the 1962-1971 logo would be used instead

Availability: Very rare. Seen on many films of that time, witch get plastered by newer logos, again, VHS tapes still have it intact, it made a surprise appearance as a variant on "Get it to Me".

3rd Logo (1982-2000)

Nicknames: "80s Ringo" "CGI Ringo" "The Abstract Saturn II" "Ringo III"




FX/SFX: Early 80s graphics along with the CGI Animation of Ringo, Done by Pacific Data Images

Music/Sounds: A Rearranged version of the 1971-1982 theme with a new Synthesized Warble

Music/Sounds Variant: From Early 1990s onwards, it used a dramatic orchestral opener followed by a majestic fanfare

Availability: Rare.

4th logo (2000-2017)

Nicknames "Ringo 2000" "New and Improved Ringo" "Modern Ringo" "The Close-Up Abstract Saturn"

Logo: On a black background, a Red streak of light swirls around the screen and makes a close-up version of the Abstract Saturn beyond the screen at the right. The name "Planet" appears, slowly zooming in and "E N T E R T A I N M E N T G R O U P" Fades in below, Ringo from the previous logos jumps onto the P in PLANET and lands on the the rings of the abstract saturn, then she winks as the byline "A ConnorWorks Entertainment Inc Company" appears below with "ConnorWorks" in its 1951-2017 logo font.


  • When the company celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2011, everything in this logo(Except for Ringo, in which she’s dressed in tuxedo) is now in a gold color, the text “50th Anniversary” is added above the text in a script font

FX/SFX: A Combination of CGI and Hand-Drawn 2D Animation,

Music/Sounds: An extract of "Goodnight Vienna" by LFO (not to be confused with Lyte Funky Ones, the band who sang the song "Summer Girls").

Music/Sounds Variant:

  • The 50th Anniversary variant features a re-arranged version of the logo with the last 5 notes of the 1962-1971 jingle played with the same synthesizer when Ringo appears(This music variant would later go on for the regular version).

Availability: Common

5th logo (2017-Present)

Nicknames "Ringo 2017" "New and Improved Ringo II" "Modern Ringo II" "Ringo in Space" "Space Ringo" “Absence of the Abstract Saturn”

Logo: Many red light traces come from every direction and join in to form Ringo from the Previous logos, The logo appears like before, but now centered, and the ConnorWorks Entertainment Inc byline with "ConnorWorks" in its 2017-Present logo font in its usual colors expands below.

Trivia: The logo is created in 2017 to promote “Puyo Puyo Tetris” for consoles

Variants: TBA

FX/SFX: The light traces and the Logo forming.

Music/Sounds: A windy synth theme with 3 synth notes at the end, a whispering female voice saying the company’s name is heard when the logo is formed.

Music/Sounds Variant:

  • Sometimes, the whispering voiceover is not heard at all

Availability: Current, seen on current movies from them.