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1st logo (1986-1992) 2006[]

Logo: On a black backround we see polarjack77 (From ROBLOX) paints a logo with rainbow and the o had polar's head and he stamps the word studios                                  Variants: On Zoog The Robot's Chirstmas Carol The font is red and green and Polar was wearing a santa hat. On DisneyLand Racing for the DS 3 cars zooms and the intro starts.                                                                                  Sf/ex: A Robloxian painting a logo                                       Music Sounds: The Nickelodeon Slap T Pooch Logo           Ability: Common It seen on Zoog The Robot season 2 episodes and chirstmas carol on YTV and the reused on Disneyland for the DS                                                        Scare Factor: None

2nd Logo (1992-2008)                                                                                                                                                                              Logo: There are 2 logos                                                      Comdey: We have                                                                                Sonic                                                                                   Polar[]



                                         Little Guy (dancing)                                                                Stepen (Freaking out)  

                                            Then Polar Crashes into the logo                                                                                                                        Action: Jenny Mario R.O.B Ash throwing a pokeball and stops                              speical effects: cartoons that are doing wacky

music: same as hb all star                                                                                                                                 ablity; seen on all the show

scare factor: none

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Final Note: In 2008, this company was folded into Cute Kitten Television.