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Prism Communications was formed in 1981 and was named "Prism Television". On 1988, the company name changed to "Prism Television" to "Prism Communications". In 1981, the company didn't have a logo until 1983. On 1998, Prism Communications shutted down.

Prism Television[]

Logo (1982-1988)[]

Nickname: "Cheesy Prism".

Logo: On the black background, we see a prism. A few seconds later, the word


...fades in below the prism.


  • There's a extended/alternate version where the prism fades in slowly and shines a bit, then the word "Prism Television" flashes below. The synth note is extended. This appears on Your Made-Up Wood.
  • On The Late Night Show With Danny Caleb, the prism is in white.
  • The early version has a prism being in red a bit. This appears on Smash The Box Or Leave The Box? pilot.
  • On the later version, 3 changes were made:
    • The prism is in CGI.
    • The word is in black.
    • The background is dark blue.

this appears on The Quizmass.

  • A sped-up version exists.
  • A inverted variant exists.


  • Normal Version: The fading in for the text.
  • Extended/Alternate Version: The fading in, the shining, and the flash.
  • Later Version: Same as the normal version but in CGI.

Cheesy Factor: The fading in for the text looks choppy, And the extended/alternate version looks cheaper than the normal logo. The inverted variant is an eyesore, and the later version looks like it was made in a early CGI software.

Music/Sounds: A low synth note.


  • Seen on the answer show, Smash The Box Or Leave The Box? except for the pilot episode.
  • The extended/alternate version was seen on Your Made-Up Wood.
  • The white version is seen on The Late Night Show With Danny Caleb.
  • The later version appears on The Quizmass.
  • The sped-up version is seen after the 1979 Beamistic Productions logo on Dully Coaly Cartoons.
  • The inverted variant is seen after the Lakehood Entertainment logo on What's Now!!.

Scare Factor:

  • Normal Version: Minimal to medium. The darkness and the synth note can scare a few.
  • Extended/Alternate Version: Low to medium. The animation and the retained synth note will get to some.
  • Later Version: Minimal.
  • Sped-up Version: Minimal to high. The logo being sped-up will get to a few.
  • Inverted Version: Low to nightmare.

Prism Communications[]

Logo (1988-1998)[]

Nickname: "The Rainbowed-Outline Prism".

Logo: On the blue background, we see a laser drawing a outlined prism. After it draws, the outline turns into a rainbow color. The word

PRISM COMMUNICATIONS white fades in below the prism. A copyright stamp (© [year] Prism Communications Inc.) appears below.

Variants: TBA.

Music/Sounds: A trumpet fanfare that ends with a menacing finish.

Availability: TBA.

Scare Factor: Low.