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Background: Producciones Cristo Rey, was formed by prominent "Ustedes los Ricos" producers Pedro Infante, Rogelio A. Gonzalez, Ismael Rodríguez and Evita Muñoz "Chachita" Today, most of the Four Star shows are currently held by Televisa and Televisión Mexiquense.

1st Logo (1948-1951)

Nicknames: "Decla's Cousin"

Logo: We see a black shadow of a bull trotting over a dark, gray background. Suddenly,four stars and a thunder squash and pass over the bull, and then the stars, in order of appearance, turn black and then white. The text "Producciones CRISTO Rey" appear in Arial, with "CRISTO" being in Chachita's script. All the logo then zooms out after 2 seconds of the logo being still.

FX/SFX: The animation is too overdone for it's time, even if it's showing on public mexican cinemas. The thunder and stars will surely give people epilepsy, and where's Jesus or the cross?

Music/Sounds: The bull trotting, followed by thunders and a cartoony throwing sound, and then a loud bombastic fanfare.

Availability: Seen on Mexicanos, al grito de guerra, Nosotros los pobres and ustedes los ricos in it's original black and white programming, Los tres huacas, Sobre las Olas, and last seen on ATM, a toda maquina!

Editor’s Note: Some may think that the bull is trotting through the woods, ready to attack you, but then gets hit by an epileptic thunder and heart breaks you. Actually, The dark nature of this logo, including it's sounds and bombastic fanfare can sure unnerve some, but the light text doesn't have anything to scare or worry about. Yes, it got worse from what continued in the meantime....

2nd logo (1952-1962)


Logo: On a space background, we see Spanish colonial quatruplets(resembling the actors), with one holding Jesus' cross, The other raising it's hand over the cross, and the other two adoring it with some roses meeting at a drawing lasered point, with their shadows extending down. From the drawing point, the text "Producciones CRISTO REY" in a third-dimensional font zooms up to just below the triplets.


  • On movies made by Ismael Rodriguez in color, starting on 1959, the logo was seen on RGB-tone.
  • Sometimes, the text "Presenta" would fade in the bottom of the logo.
  • A sped up version also exists, with the rendition of the fanfare also being speeded up.
  • Another sped up version also exists.
  • On Nosotros los Pobres' colored prints, the logo was toned green.
  • An in-credit version appears on ¡Mátenme porque me muero!

FX/SFX: The triplets drawing, the text zooming in.

Music/Sounds/Voiceover: A booming fanfare composed by Rudy Schrader and Manuel Esperón, usually an announcer speaks "Una Producción Cristo Rey" "Esto Fue Una Producción Cristo Rey" or "El Reina, Viva Cristo Rey!". The announcer is either Pedro Infante or Manuel itself.

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • A rearranged version, composed only by Manuel Esperón, is heard
  • Another rearranged version, composed by Azucena de las Nieves, is heard too.
  • A more bombastic version of the fanfare, composed by Manuel Esperón, is heard.

Availability: Rare. Seen on color debuts of "Ustedes los ricos" "Nosotros los pobres" and "Pepe el Toro", and series for television like "Jalo de Victoria" "Calor de Volunmano" "Herencia del Señor Jesucristo" and "Blowdane el Señor Espacial". The in-credit version is extinct, it only has been seen in the pilot and first episode of "Sherlock Holmes: La Mini Serie", witch the show is long gone from TV and doesn’t even have a video release.

Editor’s Note: The drawing of the logo seems very tacky, it can be noticeable cause a split frame on some recordings had a reversal of the animation, twice. The text is too cheesy, too, beacuse it's inexcusable that the text is in very disjointed 3D, which isn't 3D either, it's some shadows bordering the logo. Generally this was the most liked logo of all Mexicans from it's time, but the booming fanfare, the drawing and the text zooming at you, along with the other jarring nature's effects on this logos, depends on how you feel of it, can make some people jumpy and shiver, or some may know that it would shatter your TV screen, and run in fear!

3rd Logo (1963-1967)

On a cerulean brush-stroke space background, the following shapes: A circle, a triangle, a pentagon, an octagon, a square and another circle, (on the top and the bottom) appear of many colors, composed of either 6, 4 or 2 pairs. The shapes then split up and fly, all shapeshifting into yellow paint splats and becoming an extreme close up of an image of the Resurrection of Jesus all-detailed (with the color stil being yellow), with a sun covering it. A split second later, Jesus then zooms out to the left side of the screen, with a line aside of it. The line pops and uncovers into words, displaying "Cristo Rey" at the same font as Maspe Filmes, but minusculed, and the text "producciones" in normal text, appears in the bottom of the text, respectively, to complete the logo.

FX/SFX: The shapes and paint animation, Jesus forming and zooming up, the texts uncovering.

Music/Sounds: An american-like fanfare composed by Herschel Burke Gilbert, used too in tandem with the Four Star logos from 1965-1968, either full or abriged.

Availability: Rare. Seen on films like El hombre de Papel, El niño y el muro, a colored version of Dicen que soy mujeriego or Cantinflas Show, which is the only animated show produced by this studio, along with Exto-Culiacán Animation Company, the largest studio in Mexico after Ánima Estudios.

Scare Factor: Not done with very good animation, seems like a sucessor to DePatie-Freleng's style. However, it's much tamer than before and fans of DePatie-Freleng's style may like this as well.

4th Logo (1971-1976)