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(June 13, 2010)

WARNING: Due to sexual content, any photos or even videos will not be allowed on this site. If you put photos or videos, PUT THEM ONYOUR OWN RISK.

Nicknames: "What!?" "The Nastiest Logo in the Cuban Empire" "What in Cubans Earth Were They Thinking" "Soup's Characters in a Cuban Movie Logo" "Video Sex Cuban Cousin"

Visuals: TBA.

Variant: On the ending of Lama Enchos, the text "Producciones", is in a tall font and I and Pi are next to the text.

Technique: Very good 2D animation for the characters (which were from soup's Number Lore) and computer 3D animation for the texts, which fits this all in this logo but...

Cheesy Factor: ...It's VERY NASTY AND GRAPHIC! seriously this logo goes far of the charts because of its concept. Who think it was a good idea to put nasty and inappropriate content in a Latin movie logo? This is on par with Timpson Films, Park Avenue, and even the Italian CTV. This is the Nastiest Latin American logo of all time!

Audio: Some moaning noises mixed with squirting and fleshy noises, which turns into the synth Cuban fanfare with whooshes for the texts.

Availability: Seen on Lama Enchos.

Scare Factor:

  • Minimal to nightmare, the disgusting content along with the ugly P***s design can make people sick and faint, which makes it worse because it follows the silent Películas de Colonia (Cologne Films) logo. Also the music can also be a big problem because it is very loud and eerie sounding, which makes a shiver hammer to people and make them run away in fear. Low to high for those who used it, the content is still very scary.
  • None for the ending on Lama Enchos, it is tamer because there is no Nsty content in this logo.