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Background: Producciones Muerto ALF ("Dead ALF Productions" in Spanish) is a Spanish Horror Production and Distribution That is Founded in 1999.

1st Logo


Warning Warning: Due to Logo's Gory Content. Photo and Videos will be Not Allowed on Site

Nickname: "Oh No" "Rilan Movie Arts (India)'s Scarier Cousin" "What Happened to Him" "Spanish Dead Floor" "Uh Oh!" "Skip: Oh Man!" "ALF is on a Floor" "I Hope He didn't Die!" "R.I.P ALF" "How It Takes Longer"

Logo: Theres a Image of ALF laying on a Floor with Drawn of Black and Dark Red Blood As He is Dead. With Words "PRODUCCIONES MUERTO ALF S.A." in Red in Times New Roman Font.

FX/SFX: None. Logo Fades in and Out.


  • on US,UK and International Variants That Actual Spanish Text Replaced with English Text "Dead ALF Productions" Shown
  • On "Trial Nightmare" it is Put on Darker Effects in It.
  • On "The Black Cat" The Footage of Jubilee Productions Fading in Slowly And Fades Out.
  • On "Can't Be Death Strait" Alf Standing in Living Room Slowly Alive and It is Cut to Dead ALF.
  • on 2014 Film "The Death of MacGyver's Parents" Which it fades to Angus MacGyver.
  • On Spanish and UK Trailer of "The Evil" The Text is Still Brother Red.
  • On Trailer of "The Pits of Horrors 2" The In Association With is Right Here
  • On Spanish Version or "Pits of Horrors" The Dark Red Text is Seen.

Music/Sound: an Jubilee Productions Music.

Availability: Seen on Spainsh Horror Films.

Editor's Note: This logo is used to be a scary logo, due to it's gore content, while the dead animals were strong content. Throught this logo makes it even more scarier.

2nd Logo


Warning Warning: Like the 1st Logo due to the Logo's Gore and Violence, photo and video will be Not Allowed on Site Here

Nickname: "Animated ALF" "Gordon Shumway" "Worse Than 1st Puking Blood Films and Viacom V of Doom" "Poor Gordon!"

Logo: On a Outside of Fields We See POV of Gordon Shumway Had Been Look by Rick and Skip that Rick Says "hi Gordon!" in english or Spanish as He Wave at Him actually Gordon Shumway finished POV That Close Up Gordon Shumway Looking at Us and He's Ready to Puke his Own Blood as he's retching when hands hold his mouth and then skip and Rick runs away due to scaring at us So Gordon Shumway retches more and he pukes blood and he is dead Possibly Words "PRODUCCIONES MUERTO ALF S.A." In Red in Same Font and Actually Everything is Complete.

FX/SFX: an Cartoon Animation.

Music/Sound: An Actual Synthesizer-Piano Theme Follow by Rick Says "Hi Gordon!" In English or Spanish Which Came Here and Then A Horror-Like Theme come from the Repeated Music of This Soundtrack Follow by Retching Sound from Gordon's and Then Skip and Rick Running and says "he's gonna blow!!!" In English or Spanish When Then Gordon Ready to Puke and He Pukes with Blood Splatters and The Last Part of Music is Jubilee Productions Music.

Availability: See the 1st Logo.

Editor's Note: The logo and the creepy sounds were already maked to do this logo scary. While it's still gore content are here below the logo.

3rd Logo


Warning Warning: Due to the Logo's Gory Content, Videos of Logo Will Be Not Allowed on Site

Nickname: "The 2nd Place Goriest Reward" "WAIT! WHAT THE F**K IS THAT!!" "Dead Felix Video's Castilian Spainish Brother" "Ripped Apart Faced ALF" "Alien Life Video: the Spanish Way" "Beat That UK!: Spanish Edition" "Spanish's Most Disgusting Logo Ever!" "Beat That Viacom and KM Video" "That Gordon Shumway Ripped his Face Apart" "Ths Poor Melmacian Logo"

Logo: on a White Background We See a Ripped his Face Apart Alf Standing up with Pool of Blood and Soaking his Shirt Wet as Usual (Possibly Melmacian A La Dead Felix Video (Russia)) Which the Red Text Says "Producciones Muerto" zooms in quickly Slowly Down which the The Text appears stops zooming in and then the image dissapers and Which We See Text "ALF" Fades in when Background turn Black when That goes off and Then Blue Outlined Text Fades in as well which it few seconds until the Text zooms in.

FX/SFX: The Text Zooming,the Flash and Zooming in.

Music/Sound: An KM Video Music it's High Pitched Due to the Using It's PAL Slowdown Which it uses Scare Factor.

Availability: See the 1st Logo and 2nd Logo.

Editor's Note: The reason of the logo is made to be very strong content, due to the high content below.

4th Logo

(December 2008-2018)

Warning Warning: Due to the Logo’s Gore and Violence. Photos and Videos Will Be Not Allowed on Site.

Nickname: “Dead ALF Returns” “Long Logo” That‘s Wall-E and Eve” “Who Did This, Colonel!?”, "Green Blood"

Logo: We Start at The Black Background, We See ALF (From 1986 TV Series) Panting in the Dark. He Starts Running at his Own Street and Rushes to Town. Alf Looks at it 34 Seconds. Later, We See WALL-E and Eve Are Later Crying Over. Eve opened the door and Saw ALF Laying Dead with a Pool of Green Blood. We See The Text “PRODUCCIONES MUERTO ALF S.A. Presenta“ in Red. Eve Says “I’ll Miss you, Alf“ in English or Spanish.

FX/SFX: Actually 2D Animation.

Music/Sound: A Car Sound Follow By Alf Panting in the dark. Running Sound, Cricket Sound for 34 Seconds. Stabbing Sound Follow by Screaming Noise. Then, Sad Music followed by Wall-E And Eve Crying is Heard Follow by Door Opening Sound. Wall-E says “That poor guy!” In English or Spanish followed by Eve Saying “I’ll Miss You, Alf” in English or Spanish.

Availability: Seen on Spanish Horror Movies.

Editor's Note: Just because with the extreme gore content, we're made to make this logo absolutely removed here.

5th Logo


Warning Warning: Due to the Logo’s Gore and Violence. Photos and Videos Will Be Not There on Site.

Nickname: “Hypocritical Dead Logo” “Moley is Dead” “How About Martin Gates with Hypocritical” “Stupid Weasels!”

Logo: We See The Image of Moley (From Martin Gates’ The Wind In The Willows Collection) Laying Dead in The Boat Which with Blood On His Clothes, The Words “PRODUCCIONES MUERTO ALF S.A. Presenta” in Reddish-Orange with Bold Arial Font.

FX/SFX: Just a Logo Fading In and Out.

Trivia: There is No ALF in This Logo.

Music/Sound: Possibly The 1964 Filmyug Music is Playing Throughout Dead Mr. Mole.

Availability: See The 1st and 4th Logo

Editor's Note: The logo is still on gore content, like the last logos. Until this logo is used to make gore content below.

6th Logo

(November 1999-)

Nickname: ”Text In Space” “Key Video‘s Spanish Brother” “No Dead ALF”

Logo: Same as The 1983-1984 Key Video Logo But The Word “Key Video” is Replaced with “PRODUCCIONES MUERTO ALF S.A.”.

FX/SFX: See The Logo.

Trivia: There is No Dead ALF In The Logo.

Music/Sound: Same as The 1983-1984 Key Video Logo.

Availability: See The 1st Logo.

Editor's Note: None.