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(Mid 1999-Early 2017)

Warning Warning: Due to the logo's gore, Photos and Videos will NOT be allowed on this site, also, this logo can cause seizures.

Nicknames: "Dead Man Puking Physcotic Blood," "Corpse of Doom/from Hell," "Seizure Corpse." "Zombie"

Logo: In a dark red room with a light off, the light flickers on, revealing a dead man laying on a surgery chair, strapped onto it, missing a arm, one of his eyes are still held by his optic nerve, a knife in his brain, his left arm twitches, then, he pukes out his organs and blood, he even then coughs up oil. He then breaks out, screams, and then we quickly zoom into his mouth, then, then screen flashes many colors, it then zooms out to reveal it is his blood, we also see a broken jar containing a lung. We zoom into the lung at high speeds, revealing some purple nerves on it reading "PBF, Puking Blood Films." The screen continues to flash, before it explodes.

FX/SFX: Everything, far to complicated to describe.

Music/Sounds: A flickering sound when the light flickers, then, we hear hear a low pitched, fast, and reversed happy-go-lucky tune, then a blood splattering sound as he pukes, his scream, a loud whoosh when we zoom into his mouth, a eerie quick piano tune for the rest of it.

Cheesy Factor: Even if intentional this is disgusting and seziure inducing!

Availability: Seen one all there many horror movies.

Scare Factor: Nightmare to HEART ATTACK! Possibly off the scale, and do we need to tell why? Hey, like the first logo of Splaat Films, it can teach kids a lesson in watching horror movies.


Logo: We see a skull with glowing purple eyes in a black background, it says "Puking Blood Films!!!" Then, it opens it's mouth, revealing "PBF" in a futuristic font, in gold.

FX/SFX: 2D animation and CGI.

Music/Sounds: The skull's dialog.

Availability: So far seen on the Adult Swim special, "Naughty Teachers."

Scare Factor: Low, the skull is unnerving, but this is FAR better than what came before.