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Putrificami Productions is the oldest and only film company in San Marino, founded by Alessia Marcuzzi in 1950. It's company was "The House of Every San Marino Film", due to this being the only film company. It also made more animations than Nino Pagot. However, it didn't use an animated logo until 1966.

1st logo (1966-1973)



  • Opening variant: We see a filmstrip with three frames. We see a pink heart with blue legs and brown head and arms, trying to climb the second frame from the first, moving one of its legs making in order to do that. When the heart is on the second frame, it jumps in order to hold the white border between the frames. The heart beats while he tries to climb to the third frame, also moving one of its legs. When the heart climbs to the third frame, it stops moving, and we can see its legs. Then, this text appears on the second frame: "Cinematografica Putrificami presentiamo"
  • Closing variant: The same as the previous variant until the heart arrives to the second frame. Then, the heart feels so tired that it can't continue climbing. The lower half of its faces is pink and moves one of its hands to the forehead, rubbing it a little, so many drops of sweat fall. At the left of the heart, this texts appear: "Che grande presentazione! Buona notte." Which translates to "What a great presentation. Good night."
  • Trivia: The closing variant is real beacuse they only showed movies at late night during this logo's era.

FX/SFX: It's all made in 2D animation.

Cheesy Factor: It's obvious that they didn't intended to put a heart on the man, but it's probably that some robber of items could make this possible.

Music/Sounds: A filmstrip sound to start, then a melody with a piano, which ends with a kind of synth just before the heart climbs the third frame of the filmstrip.

Availability: Seen on an massive amount of animation series like Siamo ni Bossa Nova, Qualdine e sutta Rossa, Ronaldinho Golazzi, and Reconcillo Cavaleri. The company's heart also had an movie, called Corchellino. Also seen on live-action movies like Huka-Shal-Baba.

Scare Factor: None to minimal, maybe because of the music, but the animation, along with the logo's concept is very adorable.