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Background: パズルピーススタジオ (Puzzle Piece Studio), or PuzzlyFilms is a Japanese/English film corporation founded in 1966, but didn’t have a logo until 1970. By 2006, they mostly producing game related movies (their are a few exceptions though). Their most recent movie is "脱税者ヨッシー! 短編映画" (Tax Evader Yoshi! A short film), which was translated as "Yoshi Commits Tax Fraud: The Mini-Movie".

1st Logo: (1970-1980 (Japan), 1971-1982 (USA))

Puzzly Piece Studio 1970

Logo from 1970-1980 (Japan)

Puzzly Piece Studios 1971

Logo from 1971-1978

Puzzly Piece Studios 1978

Logo from 1979-1982

Nickname: The Jigsaw, Puzzly Jigsaw.

Logo: On a blue background, we see a white puzzle piece with the text パズルピーススタジオ appearing kana by kana. In the English version, it is replaced with Puzzle Piece Studios (1971-1978) or Puzzly Studios (1979-1982).

2nd Logo: (1981-2019 (Both USA and Japan))

Puzzly Piece Studios 1982

Logo in Japan

Puzzly Piece Studios 1982 USA

Logo in USA

Nicknames: The Jigsaw II, Puzzly Jigsaw II, Shadow Jigsaw

Logo: The background fades in and the puzzle piece with text zooms in. SFX from Paramount Television play.

3rd Logo: (2019 (Both USA and Japan)


Logo starts at 0-46

Nickname: Hobo Jigsaw, P Jigsaw

Logo: SFX from the forgotten Showtime logo play. The jigsaw falls in with the letter "P". the rest of the logo scrolls in.

In September, PuzzlyFilms was brought into Starpax Animation and we have yet to see a new logo from them