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(October 11, 1994-June 23, 1999)

Qashqadaryo Productions Sdn. Bhd.
Qashqadaryo Productions Sdn. Bhd. (Closing)


  • Opening: On a zooming star field background, a image of the earth spinning while zooming in before stopping and then turns white. Then the earth morphs into a Right Triangle before duplicating into two and spinning upside down and becomes green and golden, and then a silhouette of a human with a camera for a head and holding a trident then fades in. The woman then slams his trident causing thunder to strike before moving down and transforms into the text "Qashqadaryo Productions Sdn. Bhd.", then "mempersembahkan", finally fades in under the text.
  • Closing: On a black background, there is the same logo and texts but now colored in white.

Technique/Cheesy Factor: Pretty cheap and dated 90's cel animation, even for it's place and time. The human's animation look's decent but choppy, and the camera was never used for a head. Also, the texts animation is also cheesy looking as well, but still good for the 90's. And the audio...

Audio: ...Consists of a stock xylophone track which was used in many logos during the decade, followed by a pretty cheap 90's-sounding synth fanfare with an male voice saying the company name in a Malaysian accent.

Availability: Seen on Sharman, Pretra Manalay, Josh and Mayanari Uttar.

Scare Factor: Medium. Even though it's still good but cheap, the animation along with the human can scare few people first time they seen it. The sudden text animation can also give people the spooky vibes, and so can the darkness of the logo.