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1st Logo


Nickname: "RR Letters Of Rainbow"

Logo: On A City Background,We See A Rainbow RR Flying In The City,When The Rainbow RR Letter Reaches The Movie Theater,An Cinema Hall,The Screen Contains Letters,"FEATURE PRESENTATION" Appears,Until We Fade To Black.

FX/SFX: The Flying Rainbow Letters.

Music/Sounds: A Catchy Indian Theme,Laser Zapping,Followed By An Japanese Announcer Says Feature Presentation In Japanese.

Availability: Only In Theaters.

Scare Factor: Medium to high,Because the logo is A Little Insane.

2nd Logo


Nickname: "RR Letters From Heaven"

Logo: On A Gradient Blue/Purple Background,We See A 3D Sphere Spins,And The RR Inside The Sphere, "FEATURE PRESENTATION" Zooms In With A Rainbow Trail.


Music/Sounds: A Synth With Trumpets,Followed By A Distorted Sound Wave.

Availability: Same as before.

Scare Factor: High,this logo is now insane before.

3rd Logo


Warning Warning: Do not watch it if you are prone to elipsy.

Nickname: "RR Letters Of Doom" "RR Letters From Hell/Heck" "RR Letters For Seizure-Including" "V Of Doom's Japanese Sister"

Logo: On A Weird Space Background,We See Several Lightning Flashing,With The RR Letter Fades In,"RRCherryPie Cinema Media Inc." In Japanese Flashes,When The Japanese Text Disappears,The RR Letters Goes To The Left Side And Zooms In,And Engulfs The Screen With Red,We Fade To Black.

FX/SFX: A Weird Moving Background,Huh?

Music/Sounds: Loud Lightning Flashing,Followed By A Creepy Fanfare.

Availability: Seen Inside The Movie Theater.

Scare Factor: Nightmare,this logo is EXTREMELY INSANE par of the BatteryTechnica Productions Logo.

4th Logo



5th Logo



6th Logo



7th Logo