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Radio Raj 7 is a Pabloese Television channel launched in the late 70's.

1st Logo (Late 70's-Mid 80's)

Radio Raj 7

Visuals: This is basically just the camera zooming out of the Radio Raj 7 logo, (Which consists of two yellow rings with a orange seven behind it. Next to it is "RADIO RAJ" in a blocky font with a line under, all in the same color as the seven).

Technique/Cheesy Factor: Just the zooming out, which is just a waste of effort into making this logo. Any could just create this by using a camera and zoom it out, perhaps the worst Shivakan/Spanish TV channel ever made!.

Audio: An ending theme of some program.

Availability: Seen on their programing at the time.

Scare Factor: Low to medium, some may not like this logo, due to the music or the darkness.

2nd Logo (Mid 80's-1995)

Radio Raj 7 2

Visuals: On a dark blue space background, two planets, Venus and mercury, Venus moves left as Mercury moves right. Then two golden rings zooms out while a yellow ring zooms out, before emerging together. Next, eight orange lines moves and flies across the screen right before stopping and four gold/orange filled parts of it fades inside it.

Technique: Very choppy CGI animation, even for it's time and place.

Cheesy Factor: Yet another failed attempt to make their logos. The logo looks like it could be done with Corel Motion Studio or Ulead Cool, even if the program doesn't exists, they should used another CGI software.

Audio: A synth theme with a announcer saying "EL TELEVISIONA RADIO RAJ 7!".

Scare Factor: Low.