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Background: Since it is a TV and DVD release distributor of Ragdoll Productions, Ragdoll Alternate is founded in 2016 and program Ragdoll shows to worldwide.



Nicknames: "The Drawing Smile", "The Ragdoll", "The Hair and Face", "Yet Another Teletubbies Logo", "The Roaring Face", "ROOOAR!", "Now That's a Scary Logo"

Logo: On a white background, we see the doll face from the 2000 Ragdoll logo. However, the face is incomplete without its mouth, so a mouth draws in the face (recycled from the current Ragdoll logo). Then all of a sudden, the face does a big roar. Then, "Ragdoll Alternate" fades in as black letters after that.

FX/SFX: The mouth drawing, the face roaring, the words fading in.

Music/Sounds: A squeaky sound from the Ragdoll logo and then a LOUD roar.

Availability: Seen on worldwide prints of Ragdoll shows, such as Teletubbies, Dipdap, Twirlywoos, Boohbah, Tronji, Brum, Pob's Programme, Tots TV, Rosie and Jim and BOT and The Beasties, where the logo plasters their older Ragdoll logos. Also on DVD prints, it is followed by the WildBrain logo or DHX Media in the current Teletubbies series.

Editor's Note: That is even scarier than the Ragdoll logo. It's between Ragdoll and MGM, so that's shocking enough.