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Background: Red Animation Studios is a Switzerland Germany Company Since in 2016 For The Production is a FanMade Company Since The German Companies Are Projected For Production.

NOTE: Not So Confused for Red Home Video (Switzerland Germany)


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Nickname: "Red The Red Bird" "The Angry Birds Movie Red" "Red And His Company Name"

Logo: On A White Background We See Red from The Angry Birds Movie Standing on a Company Name is "Red Animation Studios" in Red and Red Winks His Left Eye.

Variation: The Russia Version The Text Says "Яфд Оюпму Жоау Шомс! Ъойтуок" in A Red and in the Episode of Angus MacGyver Meets The Time Len Overture: There's No Red on this Logo.

FX/SFX: CGI Red is Winking is Left Eye.

Music/Sound: An Ding Sound.

Availability: Seen on The Germany Internet Series from "Time Lens" For Original Title is "Älter Überhaupt"

Editor’s Note: None.