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Background: Rede GLOBO Video (Not to be confused with Globo Video, a real company owned by Rede Globo since the late 70's) was a pirate company made by Eriquinho Nanceto, very known for it's fake film "A Chuva e Minha!" (The Rain Is Mine). Soon after a year later they declared bankruptcy for plagarism of a company. It then became Novo Sabbá Video, on 1988. The company is not relationed with Rede Globo whatsoever.

1st logo (1987-1988)

Rede Globo Video.png

Logo: TBA

FX/SFX: Everything on this logo, done really with cheap animation and stuff. It fits for the logo, actually.

Cheesy Factor: Destroys the scale. For a logo which has no inspiration at all, and has a long runtime on every second, it's beyond cheesy in all it's details. Firstly, the animation is very choppy and outdated for it's time, the music and sounds included on this logo doesn't make sense (these are probably stupid without no effort AT ALL), they stole the music from another compositor, the logo's concept is a feast for the eyes, and stole the logo and name concept for another company from the SAME COUNTRY! All the crazy stuff adds to the beyond cheesiness of the logo. It should've had a lot more of effort, but due to this company only had a couple of persons, this is extremely likely a contender to the worst logo ever. There was no reason among all of those things, due to both said company being in Brazil and there's no actual proof about the creators. This is why we added the cheesiness of the logo from beyond the scale.

Music/Sounds: A held car truck sound accompanied by zaps, whooshes, a recorder disordered, a rapid jet sound, a low-pitched beep and then a song from an unknown composer. This, with recorder gets ordered which segues into claps, whooshes and a conjoint of pitched orchestral notes making a melody (which in it's last notes is the company jingle), gun sounds, pooping sounds and a screaming sound. When the melody's over, an brief explosion is heard, followed by men crying and evil-laughing.

Trivia: Salt Cover (a youtube version of Rede Globo) acquired this as an variant's jingle.

Availability: Rare. Seen on A Chuva e Minha, Visca Rede Globo and Huck Everyone Al-Berry Hound Dog.

Scare Factor: Low. The sounds may get to some, but the blatant act of theft and the sounds would make you laugh until you pee!