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(FÄLSCHUNG) Rene Productions Logo (2008-)-0

Nickname: "The German Filmexport" "German's Best Cheesy 2nd Metropolitan Filmexport Rip Off" "Barry B Benson Logo" "PegaBee: The German Way"

Logo: On a Persian Blue Background We See an Red Cricle with Glowing Yellow Zooms out of Area So Few Seconds of an Screen We See Zoom out the Words "Rene Productions" in gold outline Just Stops Zooming and White Flash Appears the Logo Just We See Barry B Benson (from bee movie) with butterfly wing on a Red Circle Which he's in Red and Text Turns Red.

FX/SFX: Zooming and Flashing. Nice Animation.

Music/Sound: An 2nd Metropolitan Filmexport Fanfare.

Availability: Seen only Movies That Produced in Germany.

Editor’s Note: None.