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Warning Warning: Due to the logo's bloody content, photos and videos of this logo will not be allowed on this site.

Logo: TBA

FX/SFX: Mei Misaki and it's blood out of his mouth, the thunders and the incoming white circled thing (meteor/sun?)

Music/Sounds: A Bengali man speaking in Manipuri about some religious parts and some that are autonomy from the Hill Tracts, which are accompanied by medium-sounding rustling and an traditional solstice fanfare (Which is also used in the Bijkhong logo)

Availability: Seen on Hayua Beahguya, Wakhagnti Suburi, Smeyan Bau, Bisi, Bisi, Auanyu Pisi, Du'ijana mānuṣa yud'dha śuru karē kibhābē khuba chōṭa galpa - Ēbaṁ ēṭi śudhu ēṭira śurutē, and Guaya An Hiayu Benemi.

Editor’s Note: This is just weird as it’s a logo from the 60s. Also, Mai didn’t exist until 2012.