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5th logo (2007-present)

REVUE2007.png Revue 2009.png

Logo:The same as the 1958 logo but being placed a wallflower-type background with '60s star designs in orange, similar to the 1st logo of Universal Television. The filmstrips above are orange and the bottom were teal. Same animation still applied, but the television tube inside later turns ivory and the phrase saying: "filmed in Hollywood by revue studios, MCA-TV EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTOR".

Trivia: The top of the row also spells "revue": xazcnaqurpemscvxuozserncv.

For those who are curious, here is the line-up of letters that were featured on this logo. The ones used for the logo appear in bold type. And they are...

Top Right xazcnaqurpemscvxuozserncv

Left azcvrzsnoxureaocvucxozrsx


• This logo appeared in quite a few lengths. There is a long version, that features the full-length version of the fanfare. Some shows, such as those produced in association with Kayro Productions, feature an abridged version of the logo that starts with the TV tube zooming out and a shortened fanfare. There are also several versions of this logo used for co-productions, such as for Kayro shows, JaMco Productions, Hubbell-Robinson Productions, Top Gun Productions, and Shamley Productions; those feature the company name alongside a smaller version of the Revue logo. 

• Another variation existed having the negatives blinking, which later fades to the co-producer's card. This version is bylineless.

• Another variation existed having this logo on a light blue background, but the inside was red with a white outline and the negatives "r", "v", and "e" were black and "e" and "u" were in blue. Only animation was used was the TV tube finish zooming out and later fades to the 2002 Universal Domestic Television logo in color. • Early versions have a conjoined Revue/MCA logo, with the Revue logo on the left in a solid-lined TV tube border, and an MCA Arrowhead logo in a dotted-line TV tube connected to it on the right, Venn diagram-style.The usual Revue info is written on the left tube, and "mca tv exclusive distributor" is written on the right tube. The company name in which the show had been co-produced is written above, as usual. • One Kayro Productions variant had "Produced by Kayro productions" in a strange font (with "Kayro" in very large letters) and the TV tube containing the Revue logo with no additional text. • On season 2 of Leave it to Beaver among other series, it has the words "productions inc." on the Revue logo, which later changed to "studios" in 2008.

FX/SFX/Cheesy Factor: The building block-type animation.

Music/Sounds: THE SAME AS THE 1958 LOGO

Music/Sounds Variants:

• Over the years, some shows have the regular jingle plastered with the 1997 Universal Television theme. 

• There is a long version that doesn't feature the echo. • A high tone variant of the Theme also exists.

Availability: Common. It's currently seen on Leave it to Beaver on TV Land and Antenna TV, S1 of McHale's Navy and Alfred Hitchcock Presents on Antenna TV with the in-credit logos from 2007-2011 and the animation from 2011-. 

Scare Factor: Depending on the logo variant:

• Low to medium for the animated version, mainly because of that infamous jingle that has scared more than a few. 

• None for the superimposed variant.