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Background: Found some his logo make a parody of (Whine Dog productions make a knows why slims) Rhine Chuck Productions (based In city from New York) is the parody of White dog productions is based I city from New York on

1st Logo


Nicknames: "Connecting the Dots","Spooky black screen"

Logo: we Starts on Black Background the dots their connect the Dots turns into a byline what of connect the dots all Gets Big "RCP".

FX: Animation.

Music: cartoon's closing Theme.

Availability: seen on the "Jake The Blue Bird".

Scare Factor:Low

2nd logo


Nicknames: "the billboard"

Logo: we see a billboard is pink Wes world Rhine Chuck productions.

FX: Shines a Text.

Music: _' 3rd Logo (


Nicknames: "Scary Writing" "Thunder Storms"

Logo:On a Black Background we see a thunder keeps scary writes the words "RHINE CHUCK" and "PRODUCTIONS" we fade.

Opening ID: logo same as logo

Closing ID: Closing End of The Chuck Rangers.

FX: Scary Lightning Is Writing. Nice Animation.

Music:thunder sounds scary writes sounds whoosh sounded.

Availability:Seen on the "Chuck Rangers".

Scare Factor:Low

4th Logo


Nicknames: "the ClapBroad"

Logo: At the Black BG we see a clapboard Some claps we zooms out photo of Chuck wearing a gnome In red and words "RHINE CHUCK PRODUCTIONS" Is Red.

FX: An Clapboard Claps and Zooms Out.

Music: clapboard sounds clap whoosh out piano tune.

Availability: Seen on "The Dogs Houses".

Scare Factor: Low to nice.