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Background: Rick Fusterman Productions Inc. is a Pakistani Film Company Founded in 1976 That Released for Urdu Films That Least for 1976-1996, and is a markup leader of Tom and Jerry Productions in Pakistan which is founded in 1977. sometimes in 1996 right after the defunct of Tom and Jerry Productions in 1991, the company now went defunct due to the failure of the company after all without another logo and some serious problems what they did.


Nickname: "Steamed Train" "The Train instead of Rick Fusterman" "Pakistani Rick Fusterman but he's Not Here" "Choo Choo!!!!"

Logo: On a Night of Railway We See a Train Steaming Around the Tracks which is ridden where the Train had Sign Says "choo choo!!!" In black appears which train stops and then Background Turns Red the White Text Says "ریک فوسٹر مین پروڈکشنز انکارپوریٹڈ" (Rick Fusterman Productions Inc.) in Urdu Fades in which we had Few Seconds until it cuts to Tom and Jerry Productions logo.

FX/SFX: The Train and Fading.

Music/Sound: An Train Sounds Follow By Rumbling Sound and the Thunder that Keeps Doing it and Then Wind sound follows it and then the Raining sound.

Availability: Seen on Urdu Movies as Well.

Editor’s Note: There is Very Scary In This Logo.