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Roadshow Animation is the animation division of both Roadshow Films and Village Roadshow Pictures.



File:Roadshow Animation Group logo.png

The Official logo

After the sucess of The LEGO Movie, Animal Logic and Roadshow Entertainment announced on Febuary 22th, 2014, that they will create a new animation studio based in Sydney, Austrailia, called Roadshow Animation, and then on Febuary 27th, decided to do international production of The LEGO Movie 2. However, there were recent rumors about employees at Warner Animation Group getting integrated to Roadshow Animation (mostly for Lego Movie team), but Phil Lord said only 95% of the Lego Movie team are moving and no other WAG employee is moving to Roadshow Animation.


Animal Logic and Rythym & Hues Studios have been the subsidiaries since the pre-production of The Laser & Friends Movie. A.Film A/S, Silver Pictures and it's Silver Pictures Pacific subsidiary at Hong Kong joined Village Roadshow after New Year's Day 2015. Also, Legendary Pictures, Reel FX (one of RA's divisions), RatPac Entertainment (bought out by Village Roadshow later) and Roadshow Animation formed a joint venture called Legendary Animation to do the animation and visual effects on upcoming Legendary Pictures films.

Filmgate and it's production wing Filmgate Films, Dagsljus from Sweden and Devil's Rentals from Finland were bought by Village Roadshow Pictures in 2013 and some are now known as the divisions of Roadshow Animation, while Devil's Rentals and Dagsljus are Village Roadshow Ent Group's. Eventually, DQ Entertainment, Animaker Oy (and AnimaPoint joint ventures) and Method Animation/Onyx Films/Chapter 2 were also bought out, which makes Roadshow Animation one of the biggest (international) animation studios.

Telepool Group, it's subsidiaries and the offices at Zurich & Los Angeles (while Muchen office is closed) aren't the actual subsidiaries since they're owned by parent company Village Roadshow Ent Group, but they both work closely in few co-productions. They also use stereoscopic conversion developed by and bought from/with Stereoscape in Finland and QXD Japan.

Headquarters and offices

  • Melbourne, Australia: the main headquarters.
  • London, England: the UK & Ireland headquarters, maintained with Village Roadshow Pictures.
  • Dublin & Galway, Ireland (Galway office runned under Tidal Films/Magma Productions after Village Roadshow bought the company eventually)
  • Athens, Greece
  • Tsuen Kwan O, Hong Kong (after Hong Kong Productions (香港製作) was renamed Roadshow Animation Hong Kong, after Village Roadshow group bought the company.)
  • Jelgava, Latvia
  • Brasov, Bucharest & Kiev, Romania
  • Los Angeles, California (under Roadshow Animation USA)
  • Rio de Janiero, Brazil
  • Burbank, USA
  • Helsinki, Finland
  • Copenhagen, Denmark (under A.Film A/S)
  • Seoul, South Korea (after Dong Woo Animation was renamed Roadshow Animation South Korea, after Village Roadshow group bought the company the same time as the DQ Entertainment/Method Films acquisition)
  • Tokyo, Japan (after Vistec Entertainment was bought out and sports/media division merged with Village Roadshow Entertainment Group)


The LEGO Movie 2 (2017, Australia production only)

Films in development

  • Monty MacLaine and the First Mission (2018, co-production with Virtual Studios)
  • Gazza Island (March 16, 2014), co-production with Paramount Pictures, Comedy Central Films, Geo Animation Studios & TjsWorld2011 Pictures )
  • Diffrank (2015), co-production with Silver Pictures, Lin Pictures, Future Films/2B Pictures (of Village Roadshow UK), Rhombus Media (of Village Roadshow Group), TFA Visual Arts and Mad Chance

1st Logo (Febuary 22, 2014-June 5, 2018)


"The V Transformation", "(The) SFV" "Village Roadshow Jr."

File:Roadshow Animation logo-0

The new logo

We see a black Village Roadshow V on a white background. It spins faster & faster & faster & faster & faster & then it slows down & stops on the other side, with lots of colors. The text "ROADSHOW ANIMATION" & byline "A VILLAGE ROADSHOW ENT. GROUP COMPANY" fade in while a face slides in on the V. The eyes blink while we fade out.


After the 2nd logo premiered, the logo was used in TV spots, trailers and after ending credits. Before the first logo's use for ending credits, Village Roadshow Pictures logo was used.


  • The logo (without the text) draws itself in with a lazor. Then it fades into the normal logo. The text slides in from Gabe's hand. Only happens on Gabe's Biggest Adventure Yet! 2: Return to Zaringassi.
  • On the GBAY2RtZ trailers, the logo appears with MTV Films, Nickelodeon Movies, Universal, CBC, Paramount Comedy & Klasky-Csupo.


A CGI/animated combo.


The music from Village Roadshow Pictures, but more high pitched like a kid's voice(hence the "Village Roadshow Jr." nickname).

Music/Sounds Variants

  • The fantare is in a fart tune. (Gabe's Biggest Adventure Yet! 2)
  • A bouncing song in the tune of the V of Doom fanfare replaces the music & a record scratch when the eyes blink. (????)

Cheesy Factor

The face looks sorta creepy, the FX are cheep & the music is over used. So, 2 words. 1, Cheese, and 2, Me!

Scare Factor

None. It's a cute logo, but the face can catch you off guard(It's part Nightmare, part Low, part Minimal a.k.a. High).

2nd Logo (December 19, 2015-)


"Cinema Bats", "The V Transformation II"


We see a light (á la Village Roadshow Pictures logo), and suddenly bat flies by, then we follow the bat as it flies, then camera turns in front of text, while the bat turns into logo, laughs and bounces to it's position. The logo blinks and we fade out.


  • In Lego Movie 2, the logo is made out of Legos  (except the text) and there's no light.
  • In Peter Miller's Great Adventure, the logo is made out of paper with the text created with Mega Bloks, including the face created with black construction paper and a white crayon, the bat's is actually Lego Batman, and the light is a light blub facing with a stand in the bottom, and at the end, everything falls out, including the bulb to move away from the screen not breaking itself.
  • In The Laser & Friends Movie 2's UK trailer, Alexandre Desplat's Moonshine start playing after StudioCanal logo. Yet, in US trailer, Universal Pictures and Roadshow Animation logos are shown together while the trailer music starts playing.
  • On the Bomby Movie 2, the V in the logo, looks around the logo to see if VCR was going to land on the V, and VCR from the movie bumps into the V's noggin, and then VCR gets up and does a pose from the movie, and the V is not amused.
  • On Gabe's 1st Movie, the background is silvery black, the V is colored with a fire texture and the eyes are turquoise. On the trailers, the logo shares the screen with Paramount Pictures, Paramount Comedy, 2BIG3k Animation, Nickelodeon Movies, Magic-Mario Limited, Pathé, Kapow Pictures & K Entertainment Company. On the teaser trailer, there's static in the background & eyes.


The laugh was voiced by Sam Lavagnino, the voice of Catbug in Bravest Warriors.


CGI-animated light and bats. Also, the logo and shadows.


The projector sound, bat sounds, majestic chasing music, poofing, laughing and 4-note xylophone music (normally) or opening/closing theme of the movie.

Cheesy Factor

The logo is much better compared to the first logo, although little spooky.


The logo is encountered during the premiere of The Laser & Friends Movie.

Scare Factor

Low. Bats might catch some off-guard.