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1st Logo (2007-)

Nicknames: "Bender", "The Evil Robot", "The Laughing Robot"

Logo: On a black background, Bender from Futurama pops up with his 6 fingers up. His eyes are evil-looking. We see the text "Robot Films" as he pops up. Then he laughs, with his left hand on his belly door.


  • There is an extended variant of this logo when Bender is finished laughing, he is hit and smashed by a big boom. This variant was only seen after the end credits of Crazy Wars: The Movie
  • On the halloween special of Crazy Wars, the logo is still and just features Bender sticking up his fingers, with his evil-looking eyes.

FX/SFX: Bender popping up.

Cheesy Factor: None.

Music/Sounds: Just Bender saying "BOO!" as he pops up, followed by his laughter

Availabilty: Current, seen on the newer prints of the Futurama direct-to-video movies but it is plastered with the Curiosity Company logo on TV airings. The extended variant appeared on Crazy Wars: The Movie. The logo also appeared on the Crazy Wars episodes.

Scare Factor: Low to high, Bender's eyes may scare some, unless he's your favorite Futurama character.

2nd Logo (2015-)

Nicknames: "Bender II", "That's All You Get, Jerks!"

Logo: On a black background, Bender, from the previous logo, bursts out of the screen, wearing a Mickey Mouse costume. However, all is not well. The original animation of Bender is not used and Bender is in black-and-white. We see the text "Robot Films" in a Times New Roman font.

Trivia: This clip was taken from the Futurama episode "Reincarnation"

FX/SFX: The screen ripping

Cheesy Factor: Bender is animated in black-and white animation used on 50's classic cartoons.

Music/Sounds: A ripping sound as Bender bursts out, followed by Bender saying "Ba-lap-Ba-lap-Ba-lap-That's All You Get, Jerks!".

Availability: Seen on episodes of the Crazy Wars spin-off Crazy Wars: Fun In The Sun, and the live-action Crazy Wars short, The Real Crazy Wars

Scare Factor: None to Low. The scene where Bender rips out of the screen may catch someone off guard.