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Background: Rock TV is a channel based on the GTA series. The channel is watchable in GTA Spoofs and Parodies along with Weazel, Star TV and CNT.



Nickname: 'Atomic Blimp'

Ident: Similar to the BBC One balloon idents from 1997, but it is in various locations in the GTA V map. The balloon is replaced with the Atomic Blimp, and the channel name replaces 'BBC ONE'.


  • Pillbox Hill, Los Santos
  • Los Santos International Airport, Los Santos
  • Grand Senora Desert, Blaine County
  • Alamo Sea, Blaine County
  • Mount Chiliad, Blaine County
  • Paleto Forest, Paleto Bay
  • Cypress Flats/Terminal, Los Santos
  • Fort Zancudo, Blaine County
  • Del Perro Beach, Los Santos
  • Vinewood Hills, Los Santos


  • Three spoof idents are created. One where the blimp crashes into a building with 'Rocks and Stars', one where the police invade the blimp with 'Police TV', and the controller of the blimp, Michael De Santa falling with parachute, but falling to his death with 'Falldown TV'.
  • For Fame or Shame, the blimp is flying to the Maze Bank Arena.
  • Around December, the blimp will fly in a dark sky with snow in Sandy Shores. The text is in red in a curve font.
  • For programmes around rainy weather, the blimp is flying to Mount Gordo with rain and sounds of thunder, with the text in dark blue.
  • There is a ident where the balloon is flying to the Fort Zancudo UFO for Republican Space Rangers. However, no pictures or videos are seen.
  • Regional versions exist. The text either reads 'Rock TV Los Santos' or 'Rock TV Blaine County'. However, no pictures of videos exist.

FX/SFX: The blimp and the locations.

Music/Sounds: Depending on the variant. The Fame or Shame ident has 'Colours' playing. There is sounds of thunder on the Rain ident, and crow sounds are in the Christmas ident. The Republican Space Rangers ident has sounds of the UFO. The spoof idents contain sirens and yells of the controller.

Availability: Current. The Christmas ident is only seen during December. The Rain ident is rare and seen on programmes during rainy weather. The Fame or Shame and Republican Space Rangers idents is also rare and seen on the programmes. The spoof idents are seen on 'The Spoof and Parodies Show' on Weazel.

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