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Logo: Against a clip from Rocket Power, the words "ROCKET" and "POWER" fly from the top and bottom of the screen towards the top. A purple "PBN" logo appears, and we see it "P" first (through the hole). It joins a white rectangle that has appeared in the middle of the logo. The word "VIDEO" drops from the bottom of the rectangle, the "P" in the "PBN" logo gets the circle in its hole, and two white "comets" streak past the top and bottom of the logo, leaving two white lines. The background then turns another clip of a Rocket Power episode.

FX/SFX: The "flying" words.

Cheesy Factor: It's just a clp from the Rocket Power episode "New Squid on the Block" where Otto talks! But the finished logo is just a clip from another Rocket Power episode "Island of the Menehune" where Reggie talks! Both, that's very unprofessional!

Music/Sounds: Same as Rocket Power #2.

Availability: Appears on later collections of Ready, Set, Go, the first release of Rongo: Second Blood Part II, and the last few editions of the cartoon series mentioned on the Rocket Power Video page. Also distributed PBN's original product, as well as Tri-Circle, Clockers, and Content. The first releases to use this logo were The Sleeping Women and Cutoff Island, both of which use the Thorn EMI print logo on the labels and packaging.

Scare Factor: Same as Thorn EMI #2.