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Note:this is logo from Dipthong ProductionsRovio Mobile Has Been Popular For Our Favourite Demosition Crew In The World, Angry Birds.



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2nd Logo (2012-2013)[]


  • "The Folded R"
  • "The R 2"
  • "The New R"


On A White Background, We See An Blue Impact P Covered By A Black Slanted Line, Forming An R. Below It Is "ROVIO MOBILE", Or "ROVIO STUDIOS", Or "ROVIO ANIMATION" Or "ROVIO ENTERTAINMENT". The Byline Underneath It Is "A Division Of Rovio Entertainment". The Rovio Entertainment Lacks The Byline Completely While "Distributed By" Is Above The Rovio Studios Variant (In Films Only).

Animated Version[]

Against A Black Background, We See The Same R From The Still Variant Of This Logo, But Is In 3D And Zooms In To Reveal "ROVIO MOBILE" Or Any Other Of Rovio's Subindustries' Titles. Then The Background Turns White. The Rovio Entertainment Byline Fades In Below.


  • The Still Version Can Sometimes Have The Copyright Info Below It.


None For The Still Version, While The Animated Variant Has The Logo Moving.


None Or The Closing Theme Of The Show For The Still Version, While The Animated Version Has A Synth Note With Exploding Noises In The Background.


Seen On Recent Angry Birds Seasons Updates Since The Halloween 2012 Episode, Amazing Alex, The Angry Birds TV Show, And Bounce Evolution For Symbian. The Long Version Can Be Seen On The Blues' Big Adventure, The Angry Birds Mobile Collection And The Ultimate Angry Birds Mobile Collection 2 Feat. Amazing Alex, Among Others. The Mobile Versions Can Be Seen On Mobile Games From This Company. The Long Version It Was Also Seen On Amazing Alex, Among Others.

Scare Factor[]


3rd Logo (2013-Current)[]

Logo: On a Black BG, We See a Red Fire. All of a Sudden, The Fire Forms a Red Comet to Appear, And It Transforms Into a "P". And The Comet Then All of a Sudden Transform it into An "R". "ROVIO" Appears Below.

FX/SFX: The Fire,and the Comet.


  • There is a Longer Vesion Where The Fire Is There a Little Longer.

Music/Sounds: The Sound of Fire Crackling, Followed By a "WOOSH" Sound.

Scare Factor: Low.