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1st Logo (2013-)


  • "The City"
  • "Rovio City"
  • "The Rovio City Skyline"
  • "The R"
  • "The Rovio R"
  • "The Rovio Skyscraper Transformation"
  • "How The City Changed"
  • "Miramax Rip-Off"
  • The Angry Birds Movie

as seen on My Dream Logo Variantions - Rovio Studios

We Slowly Pan Around A Tall Building In A Daytime City, Surrounded By Some Smaller Buildings. As The Camera Pans Faster And Higher, One Of The Buildings Triggers A Searchlight, As The Sky Turns Dark Green And The Buldings Turn Dark Via Smoke In The Logo. Then, Lights In The Windows Turn On At The Rear End Of The Main Building, Forming The Rovio Logo, Saying "ROVIO STUDIOS" Instead Of "ROVIO MOBILE" As We Zoom Out Of The Building. The Rovio Entertainment Logo Fades In Below. A star sparkles a bit at the end.


CGI Animation.


Hellicopter Sounds, Followed By The Sound Of The Seachlight Turning On, An Ominous Guitar Cord And One More Hellicopter Sound. Then some of the parts of the nelvana logo in babar, the movie as a star sparkles a bit with someone at the end saying, rovio


Brand New. Seen On Many Films Produced By Rovio, Starting With Angry Birds (2013; Co-Produced By Paramount Pictures (Warner Bros. Pictures In International Releases) And Spyglass Entertainment (Virtual Studios In Internatonal Realeses)) And Bounce Retaliation (2013; Co-Produced By Universal Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer And The Sommers Company), Among Others.

Scare Factor

Minimal, due to a scare tone.