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Background: Ryobi Television Production is the vanity card for Wakayama-born Ryobi Kunsatsu.



Ryobi animated logo


Logo: On a white background, we see an abstract R which is a white-outlined green arrow pointing to the northwest with a green shadow on it. Over it is the gray text "RYOBI" which from the font looks like an alternate version of Arial.

  • An animated version also exists, starting on a black background when the abstract R from before, now in white and a green silhouette of it (which is barely seen) zoom in to the center of the screen with many trails and collide, which from the arrow now looks green due to the silhouette of it. The arrows then dissapear, and the logo flashes, causing it to the text to appear and the background to turn white.
  • Sometimes the background would be black.

FX/SFX: None for the original variant, sometimes the animation, which includes the trails and the flashing would appear.


  • None for the original variant.
  • An fastly-ascending synth ditty followed by another deep synth note for the animated variant.
  • Sometimes, the ending theme of the show is heard.
  • A still variant has the music, which is 3 notes played on a bass.

Availability: Seen on tokusatsu like Help, My Mother's Calling!, Kyouko no Saranbi, Beppan Gallo-Fujimio and The Entertainment Sucks C**p. The only anime that this was spotten on was the entire Kin no Dansei saga.

Editor’s Note: The concept of the R is questionable, and it looks like a curved figure at the bottom. Also, this makes resemblance to the Retequatro logo, due to it’s overly shadowed background. However, there are a numerous amount that can call it a favorite.