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Background: Ryu Hamasaki Releasing was an film distributor founded in 1968 by Ryu Hamasaki (1947-). It was still alive in 1998.

But then RHR came to the UK in 1976 and then came to Australia in 1980 and were still alive.

1st Logo

(August 12, 1969–November 18, 1983, 1976-1983 [UK], 1980-1983 [Australia])


Ryu Hamasaki Releasing (1969-1970)


Ryu Hamasaki Releasing (1970-1983)

Nicknames: "RⱵIR", "The Blue Words of Hamaski"

Logo: Against a black background, The letters in blue "RHR" (stylized as RⱵIR) in the fat, italic and blocky font draws itself. Going up and turning right, going down, turning left and turning right diagonally forms an "R", Turning right, going up and going right placing on the center of the "I" forms an "Ⱶ", Going down forms an "I" then forms another "R". The text splits up, leaving the text "RYU HAMASAKI RELEASE" behind it. Five seconds later, "RⱵ" meets up with "IR" and wipes the text away.


  • The early variant exists, used from 1969 to 1970. In it, "RⱵ" is colored navy blue and "IR" is colored cyan.
  • The black-and-white variant exists.
  • From 1983 onwards, the logo is tinted royal blue and the byline that reads “THE DIVISION OF EL TV KADSRE TELEVISION NETWORK” appears below the text.

FX/SFX: The drawing and movement of the logo and the formation of the text, which are 2D animation.


  • Until 1972, it used a very majestic and bombastic brass fanfare titled "Fanfare for an Ambassador", by Charles Williams.
  • From 1972 onwards, the logo is rather silent or the opening theme.

Music/Sounds Variant: One film uses the 3rd logo's music due to the reverse plaster error.

Availability: Rare. Seen on El TV Kadsre Films' movies that were rather directed, produced or written by Ryu Hamasaki..

Editor’s Note: It is favorite of many people who were fans of classic El Kadsreian/Vlokozuian movies, and there's nothing to worry about it.

2nd Logo

(1983-1992, 1986-1992 [UK], 1990-1992 [Australia], 1998-2005 [Worldwide])

Nicknames: "RⱵIR II", "Early Shining RⱵIR", "RⱵIR of Doom", "The Blue Words of Hamaski II"

Logo: Against the black background, "RⱵ" and "IR" from before in blue come together in the center of the screen. As they join together, the words, "RYU HAMASAKI RELEASE" flashes and appears from the bottom of the screen and then the logo brightly shines. After the while, the bright flash occur, the text trails and goes to the bottom then the logo turns white and quickly zooms out. The large ping then appears and fades out.

Variant: Depending on the film quality, the "RHR" wordmark can sometimes be purple-tinted.

FX/SFX: The lighting effects of the text and "RⱵIR"

Music/Sounds: An eerie wailing sound, followed by a "whoosh" as the logo zooms back.

Availability: Only seen on Nova Orbis 2: Return of Team Miro, Robotbuster, The Traveller and Super Ski.

Editor’s Note: None

In 1992, RHR became an international film company.

3rd Logo

(1992-1998 [Worldwide], 1993-2005 [America & Ireland])

Nicknames: "RⱵIR III", "Shining RⱵIR", "CGI RⱵIR", "The Blue Words of Hamaski III"

Logo: Against the black background, Just like the 1969 and 1983 logos, "RⱵ" and "IR", now in 3D appear and meet in the center of the screen while it zooms out and vertically turns 90 degrees. The text "RYU HAMASAKI RELEASE" now in Prototype font zooms out from the bottom and placed into the bottom of the logo like the last logo and the logo shines. Few seconds later, the text goes to the bottom the logo moves 90 degrees vertically and turns 30 degrees in horizontal so it goes through between "RⱵ" and "IR".


  • From 1989-1998, the text says "RYU HAMASAKI RELEASING"
  • The short variant doesn't show the camera going through the logo.
  • There is the still variant.

FX/SFX: Logo flying, rotating and zooming. CGI effects.

Music/Sounds: A series of synthesized shining sounds, followed by a 9-note synth brass tune, a couple of synth blares, and a nice 4-note orchestral tune.

Availability: Common. Seen on movies make by Ryu Hamasaki.

Editor’s Note: It is favorite of many.

4th logo (2005-present)


L&COVision part (seen on RHR films in L&COVision)


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