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Background: Although the network began in 1961, they didn't start using a closing logo until 1998.

(September 1998- )

Nickname: "SMB3TV in the Sky", "The SMB3TV Ribbons"

Logo: Over a video of the pipe on a water and the pipe's water taking off we see the SMB3TV logo (which consists of a red circle with a "SM", a blue square with a "B3" and a green triangle with a "TV") at the center, with ribbons flowing from behind them. The ribbons correspond to the colors of the shapes.

Trivia: This logo is based off SMB3TV's on-air identity in use since 1998.

Variants: From 2000-2005,"SUPER MARIO BROS. 3 TELEVISION" faded in below the logo, with a Chime Globemedia byline following shortly thereafter. From 2005 on, there is no byline and the letters in "SMB3TV" appear thicker.

FX/SFX: The video's animation and the flowing ribbons.

Cheesy Factor: It's just a clip from the intro of The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, where it has two scenes! That's very unprofessional! But it was looked like it was done on Video Toaster 2.0.

Music/Sounds: A guitar/saxophone tune mixed with drums and a synthesized fanfare composed, written, and played by Jhas Blujk (but this does not suit this logo at all.) for the first version, while the second version used the audio of the clip along with the Adventures of SMB3 announcer saying "They use their new super powers, the Super Mario Brothers rescue Princess Toadstool" and the sound of Mario's pipe.

Availability: Both versions can be seen on Animaniacs on SMB3TV in Canada, and TeenRobotnik and in syndication in the US. The 2005 version was seen on Tiny Toons: The Next Generation, also on TeenRobotnik (back when it was The R). Both versions were seen on Corner Street (the first season had the first version, the rest of the series had the second version) on DVD, on The Adult Comedy Network in Canada, and when last reran on WEGG America.

Scare Factor: Medium to high; it cuts in DIRECTLY after whatever precedes it with no warning at all, with the music probably catching you off guard. The scare factor is minimal to low for those who are used to seeing it.