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Nickname: "Montreal Kite"

Logo: On a cloudy background, we see a 3-D Montreal map colored in purple and in metallic material. The map rotates around 180 degrees to reveal "SMOM cable" stacked on topped of each other with SMOM in a block-like font in all caps and Cable in a rounded font in all lowercase, also made in metallic material. A white line also curve around the map rotating that curves around the SMOM text and grows a montreal leaf. The montreal leaf flashes and the line turns blue. If you look closely, the hole in the M in SMOM morphs into a shape of the montreal leaf. The finished result is the SMOM logo of the time with cable underneath it.

Variant: A still version was seen on a couple of local programs such as some live hockey games.

FX\SFX: The rotating map and the line.

Cheesy Factor: The animation is confusing and the finished product looks weird-looking.

Music/Sounds: A warp-like synth tune with a ding. A long version has been seen sometimes with a calmer synth tune.

Availability: Extinct, check for some old videotapes containing this logo.

Scare Factor: Low. The music will unnerve some, but it's a favorite to many in Canada.