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Background: Sad Denzel Productions is an Indian Tamil-language film production company founded in January 21, 1944. Its first film was Ulaka (உலக), but it did not use a logo until November 2013.

(November 2013-)

Nickname: "Poor Denzel III" "Sad Denzel" "Denzel: I Thought It Beaten Up!!!!" "Please Buddy Please!!" "What's A Matter Denzel!!"

Logo: Just the image of Denzel Dugglemonster being sad on a grey background with no company name whatsoever.

FX/SFX: Same as Sad Kirby Films (Thailand).

Music/Sound: Same as Sad Kirby Films (Thailand).

Availability: Seen on Drama and Action Adventure Film That Dubbed in Tamil.

Scare Factor: Same as Sad Kirby Films (Thailand) But Denzel is Crying Because He Beaten Up.