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Safe & Clean Television Production is the vanity card for Japanese Producer Michiaki Hirose.

1st Logo (1960's-1973)

Safe & Clean

Logo: On a white background, we see the text "SAFE & CLEAN" on a neon-black script, very weird but understandable. Below it it's the text, which translates to "Safe and Clean Television Productions. The A on "CLEAN" has 3 triangles. They start fading colored blue from up to down, and then a green one, which would fit for "SAFE" and part of the "&", which stop on the letter "&" and "CLEAN", except the top and under triangles, so said triangles of the "A" become colored cerulean-purple.

  • A black and white variant also exists.

FX/SFX: Simple fade-in effects, the appearing of the top and under triangles on the "A" of "CLEAN".

Cheesy Factor: This is an obvious product of the 60's. They should have given more effort on the background animation than just the coloring fade of the text. Also, the top and under triangles just appear, just like the Ízaro Films logo.

Music/Sounds: A synth orchestra with drums accompanied with the singing of a conjoint of women, "Safe and Cleeeean!", with two dings when they say "Cleeean!"

Trivia: The singers, while born japanese, are singing actually in English. Michiaki Hirose teached them for 15 hours how to sing the sequence.

Availability: Scarce. Seen only on the series Tomorrow's Goal (明日のゴール) The Disjointed Salesman (低いセールマン) and The Pythropethanic Super Idea (大きなアイデアに近づく), all whose are co-released by Tokyo Gas, except for Tomorrow's Goal.

Scare Factor: Low to medium. Being this a 60's logo would bother many, along with the choir music and details, but otherwise the rest is harmless. Raised to medium for the Black and White variant.

2nd logo (1973-march,5 1981)

nicknames:"s.&c.II" "the head"

logo:on a green/white background we see a boy's head in white/green for 1.9 min. then it go boom safe and clean and television production in japan letters

FX/SFX: the head and the letters

music/sounds: the closing theme of the show

availability:seen on red sad kid,jason 2020's shows and cold out lifetime

scare factor:none

3rd logo(sun and moon hero logo)

(march 12 1981-1985)


logo:on a gray/black/white background we just see s.c.t.p.

FX/SFX: just the background turn gray/black/white

music/sounds:the same as before

availability:only seen on sun and moon hero

scare factor:none

4th logo (1982-1986,1988-1990)


logo:on a seashore background we see the japan letters in a green triangle

  • on hairy doug the triangle is white
  • on jason 2022 the sea the background is by a dock

FX/SFX: the seashore waves it's all live-action


  • on hairy doug there is no sound
  • on jason 2022 there is a voiceover saying in a jason's voice safe and clean
  • on the year 2120 and the year 2121 it's the water the waves sounds
  • on the year 3019 it's the closing theme

availability:look in music/sounds

scare factor:none it's harmless

5th logo (1986-1988)


logo:on a backyard background we just see s.&c. t.v. production

FX/SFX:just the sky

cheesy factor:it has a badly draw

music/sounds:just the closing

availability:seen on ned armhand,the 1930's,2999 and 2099

scare factor:none