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Sammy Tokusatsu and Productions Ltd. (サミー・トクサツとプロダクション限定) is the production company for Sammy Gaiten, famous for it's anime Est Unum.


1st Logo (2001-2005)

Logo: On a white floor and background, we see an abstract "S" jumping out three times and zooming in to the leftwards side of the screen. It's first curved line is green and thick and it's another is olive and thin. Over it, the text "Sammy" in Calibri Black, appears jumping on mid air with each letter of the text. The logo then appears as normal and the white floor dissapears.

  • An extended variant also exists. We see a very modeled (to the point of getting realistic) turtle falling on a white floor with background. It tries to run, but it goes faster and faster as a rock on the floor falls into it and the abstract S from the original version would form jumping 6 times to the bottom and the left side of the screen, including the text "Sammy" jumping in mid air. All the logo then fades to black, using a turn-off television effect.
  • A still variant also exists.

FX/SFX: The abstract S jumping, the text falling on mid air. For the extended variant, everything in the logo, all done with fast animation.

Cheesy Factor: The text falling in mid air is just one frame of the falling of the text, nothing much else. Also, they didn't have to put a turtle and fall next to us, you dig? They didn't have to use the white floor either, it should be a completely drawn background!

Music/Sounds: A fast synth piece, with people singing the company's name.

  • For the extended version, walks and steps of a turtle, a velocity sound and a Deep Note-esque note composed by a group of xylophones which segues into a synth piece and a crash, followed by some egg cracking and when the synth piece ends, the people sing the company's name.
  • For the still version, is just a woman singing a high-pitched acapella ditty of the music.

Availability: Seen on films like Jellyfish Eyes, My Daughter Was Dead and Make Yourself Clear, and tokusatsu like Tomei Ningen, Thieve of Glory, Haki Bagu Isshiyo and Block in the Street of Spain, among with Hand in Hand and Group Rope. Also seen on anime like it's most famous saga, Est Unum.

Scare Factor: Low to medium. The fast animation combined with the abstract S may get to some, but it's harmless for everyone who grew up with this.