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Background: San Bugi Producciones is the vanity card for Edward Alvarez, well known for it's series "Don Devar y sus Mocos"


San Bugi.png

Warning: Due to the Shaka Zulu 10th episode variant's extremely gory content, videos and captures of the variant will not be seen on this page. SEE VIDEOS AND CAPTURES OF THE VARIANT AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Logo: On a white background, we see an abstract "SB" made in transparent paint, with their colors being white and green. The text "San Bugi" in chutney-red, with a serious stick figure with an hat appears over the "i" and "producciones", also in chutney-red, appear over the SB, all in Edward's script.

Variant: On the finale Shaka Zulu episode, the background was black. The stick is being dead actually, with blood splattering over the screen. The "SB" isn't transparent, but it's written in red. Very bloody logo whatsoever.

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: None or the ending theme of the show.

Availability: Common. Seen on Don Devar y sus Mocos, Halapón de Marte, Matenme Si No Podrán, Donnie and Blackoh, Stinger of Descifration, Calibración Kung Fu and the only co-produced series, Shaka Zulu: the Mini-Series.

Editor’s Note: It’s an excellent logo, even for it's era, but for for the Shaka Zulu 10/th/final episode variant, the stick being dead and the logo covered on red and black blood, also the jarring nature of this logo will definely shake the company's greater mass, due to the company itself getting more native audience gain into it's superiors, and everyone who's prone to gore too. With the logos like Horror Factory, this would make conjoint, and make this, or if not, the scariest logo ever made, and even one of the most horrific too. The scariness will also won’t even help, due to the fact that this follows the Excursive Enterprises logo. However, some people might like this beacuse of the "San Bugi" still in.