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Sanch-An Productions is the vanity card for television producers Rocher Del Carmen Sanchez Contreras and Angelo Andrés Pinzón Contreras, both being kid prodigies at the ages of 12 and 14, which studied technology at PanaSystems on the ages of 8, 9 and 10. The rest of the story TBA.


1st Logo


Logo: On a beige background with a gray floor and white lines,(Rocher and Angelo's house) We see Angelo, with a red shirt playing his black drums, with cymbals on it, but only the cymbals are heard first by Angelo's said drums, with Rocher on an green-lightning bolted black hoodie saying on the microphone, "You sound really stupid!" On the upper side of the screen, we see the red text "Presented by:" on Angelos' script. And then, Rocher tries to walk and falls out of the ground while Angelo's verifying the microphone, and suddenly, when Angelo then does the joke beat (Ba dum tss) at the drums, the text "SanchAn Productions!" in blue, red and light beige, Rocher's script, and an abstract second A, zooms at the bottom of the screen (a la Alan Landsburg Logo) and then Angelo smiles evilly at him, seeing it's only a joke.

FX/SFX: Everything was done in live action, except for the texts....

Cheesy Factor: And we don't know where to start for the cheesiness of the logo. The camera is recording very badly, seems like it was made for a vine, even though the meme not existed. Also, how did Angelo played the drums so quickly, and never twitch out an eye while seeing it? Also, why Rocher falled without another circumstance coming? Is beacuse the actors of the logo forced him to fall down using a rope? This logo is overall cheesy at all.

Music/Sounds: Angelo playing the cymbals, Rocher saying "You sound really stupid" With the cymbals cut how Rocher says "sound", walking of Rocher, Rocher himself falling, and a clap is heard when he falls, followed by the joke beat, and to finish it, Rocher then cries, seeming it was like pain from it's head.

Availability: Seen on somewhat called "Comparsas" made by La Salle College in Panama, from 2010 to 2013, seen on Color de Bandera, Higuan Serendipity, Los Colorados, The Stingers of The Canal Zone, among others.

Scare Factor: Medium, bordering on high. The sudden nature of this logo, along with the overall silence and cheesiness of said logo can bother some and shiver their bones, but it's mostly harmless after all. Of course, it got only worse from the next logo, though....

2nd logo



Logo: On a tacky cerulean-black combined color background, we see a neon red pair of human-balls with no hands present, but faces, and one of them has a hat on it (Rocher and Angelo), staring right at us. On it's borders, two curved lines are shown (possibly their hoodies). They lift their hand, which is actually a heart, but suddenly a blue (monster) with big, unpuppiled eyes zooms from us, making the balls crash into it. The monster then smiles, revealing it's evil teeth, which look more than the "Stretch Films" logo from 1991. The balls gasp, and then they hold guns onto it. We zoom in into the hole of the guns, and then a "BANG" is shown on it, it seems like a superhero comic. The blue monster then gasps, and then runs from it. Seizure effects are shown in the rest of the logo, starting with the monster running into the screen and the other balls too, followed by severe events of the monster and the balls shooting and then failing at each other, with their guns now being slimed. The seizure effects dissapear, and they get replaced by thunders. The monster's eyes now became like an object show cartoon, and then they crash into the monster, followed by severe cartoon-ish explosion effects, all with the text "Sanch-An", on chutney-red to squash over the background, and when it squashes, the text "Productions" would appear in conjoint with it, zooming out on the bottom of said text. We then cut to the red neon balls and the slime throwing at the blue monster, shrinking and becoming huge at a seizure-like pace, with all the text zooming out a bit at the scene. The whole logo then explodes with an inverted flashing effect.

  • A short variant also exists, with all the scenes being reduced in seconds and some scenes are unexplicably cut. The blue monster's teeth looks more creepier than usual.

FX/SFX: The animation, the flashing effects, the cheap unrecognizable effects, The thunders... Let's just say it's literally everything, produced by Jason Post in co-production with Fidelity Audiovisuales.

Cheesy Factor: It vaporizes the scale. The animation seems too much busy, and at the same time screams more 60's than 2010's, and it's extremely dated for it's time. Also, the seizure effects are completely unnecesary, looks like someone it's complaining about the recognizable subject matter of the logo, that has become extremely unfamous due to it's animation. Period, the animation doesn't have any point on this logo, and the music doesn't fit with it. It's just like the creators of the logo have fun with their animations and doesn't have any plans to complete the logo, just an scramble of ideas and now the superbly effects on the animation. Why did they had to do it this way? Next time, you need to be less busy and enter to the next era, not mixing all your stuff, but we mean all your stuff all at once and have this.

Music/Sounds: A series of musical electronic beeping sounds playing throughout, along with the effects fitting with the nature of the logo, such as a rising flourish of beeps (sounds like the power-up sound from Super Mario Bros.), gun sounds, the sounds of the blue monster, an mish-mash of fire and water, electric hizzing sounds, A synth crescendo (a la RTP), almost unexplicable sounds are also accompanying the logo, ending with a deep "bing" as the company name appears below, followed by an explosion sound. 

  • The short version uses a reduced, jumbled-up version of the logo, followed by an orchestra with 10 notes surrounding it, along with an explosion (remniscent of the Lo Wei Films fanfare)

Availability: TBA.

Scare Factor:

  • Original version: High to nightmare. The severely strange subject matter of this logo, along with the logo's itself animation, cheesiness, blue monster, neon effects, zooming in, etcetera, will definely upset some SanchAn lovers. The reason why they made this logo was for impressionate people, but the scrambled ideas makes it worse. It's too bad that it follows the Varquitania Films logo in some Comparsas, however it's the perfect the people to shut their mouth while coming to a Comparsa. Also, for this being a family-rated company, it makes it very curious about how bad the animation is. It's also curious that they made the plan-breaking rule, which makes all logos go crazy. However, the next variant is much worse...
  • Short version: Nightmare. The jumbled-up, psychedelic rearrangement of the original fanfare, along with the sudden guns in the continuing of the sounds will surely scare children, even though they used this as a closing logo, making the people run away. The scare factor raised due to the fact that it follows the less-scarier but creepy Fidelity Audiovisuales logo, which helped with the animation of the logo. However, some may consider this logo better than the others, and the scare factor would be either Minimal bordering on Low, to medium bordering on high.