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Background:Sans Home Video is a company, named after the type of font known as "sans serif".

1st Logo (1989-1998)

Logo: on white background we see shining globe spins around and turns into a sphere and flys away and also words "Sans Home Video" in a sans-serif Font and turns black and text turns Into "FEATURE PRESENTATION".


Music/Sounds: an synthetic theme follows a swooshing earth and sphere fly in whoosh.

Availability:seen on video tapes.

Scare Factor:Medium.

2nd Logo (1999-2015)

Logo:on a pink background wee see ms sans serif font says "Sans Home Video" in Blue.

Variant: There is a prototype that uses Comic Sans font.



Availability: seen on DVD and video tapes.

Scare factor: none.

3rd Logo (2015-2016)

Nickname: "Spinning Globe", "Undertale Fangirls Don't Like This Logo"

Logo: on a Black background with spotlighted blue, we see a globe. The words "SANS HOME VIDEO" or "SANS FILMS" in MS Sans Serif Font.

SFX: The globe spinning.

Cheesy Factor: None. Good CGI.

Music: A piano theme,

Availability: actually Current. Seen on DVD and YouTube Films.

Scare Factor: None, unless you're a rabid Undertale fan and you want a different Sans to be in this.

Final Note: In 2016, the company went in liquidation due to Undertale fangirls not liking this logo.