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Please pay attention to the fact, that this page will be kept up, to show the people are making fun of the supposed "feud" between Ootwar and Santiago. This feud was born out of Ootwar doing his job and Santiago assuming he is one big stupid c*nt. But then came Chebbycraft34, who was even worse than Santiago.

Background: This company started in 2017, but the company moved to El Kadsre in 2019 and became Chebbycraft34 Cringe Productions.


Logo: We see ANW2004, NozomiFuture2k7, Blue91233, Ootwar, Connorsworld2011, and KATMAKROFAN going to Santiago Reveco Lepe's house. Ootwar destroys anything that was important to Santiago. KMF kicks the wall of Santiago's room, so hard, he puts a dent in it. Blue puts a bob-omb in the center of Santiago's house. Connor throws the remains of the things that Ootwar destroyed at the bob-omb. Then, we cut to ANW and Victoria spraying spraypaint to make the words:

Santiago Reveco Lepe Sucks Productions

ANW and Nozomi then hi-five. ANW shoots the logo. The byline "an El TV Kadsre company" in red fades below. Everybody gets a quick radiation clean-off. Five seconds after they finish up, Santiago comes in to his room and screams. The bob-omb blows up. By the time it blows up, the six are out of his house. After the smoke dissapears, we see Santiago outside of the blown-up house in a wheelchair, his hair half cut and hate comments on three casts. Santiago crys in a slightly synthisized voice (which sounds like a GoAnimate crying voice) and rolls off screen. After that, we go the other side of the blown-up house. There are fire trucks, abulances and police cars. A child is talking to a reporter while a camera guy is holding a camera. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the Santiago Reveco Lepe Sucks Productons logo (with the byline) crashes in the street causing cameras to break, including the one that is filming the logo, causing us to go to black. We hear a shattering sound, then the guy who was filming the logo groans and says "This can't be happening." to himself. KMF says "Oh, shut up!"

FX/SFX: All live action.

Variant: The logo usually is cut to the part where the logo appears out of nowhere.

Music/Sounds: Rock music and sounds that go with this logo.

Availblity: Seen on "Santiago Reveco Lepe is an Insane Idiot" and other films starring Santiago from this time.

Editor’s Note: It was back then when Ootwar hated Santiago so much, but than Chebbycraft34 came along and he was in a whole new completely different level.